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Monday, March 2, 2009

Something to tell..

Just coming home from my vacation(kinda la..) well actually we went to my taiko's house in selangor. He really annoyed me la..tumbuk here tumbuk there!..hurts yet enjoy. He taught me lots about martial arts..(even kami xsekutu pn..he is a silat gayong coach,but i am a silat cekak hanafi's member) well thats not the point..actually we r here for a reasons..we started our journeys around 5 am..(so early huh??)on friday..our first destination was maran,pahang. we reached here around 8 am and having a breakfast then straight to maran court..aha..why im here?? oke my third taiko was being suing! bcz of his dead licence..wut da hekks..uhu all the process in maran was done by 11 am. Then we headeed to takes 3 hours kot..owhh im so tired and hell suffered from senggugut so not in the mood at all..always slept all the time until dad stoped at genting sempah..owwh i love ths r&r. only dad having lunch. me,mom and taiko didnt eat..i ordered ice tea and it was like just drank it for my refreshments. Mom bought the i like it~ then again..continue our journey to our destination..~ok ill make it shorter~..we reached at taiko's house around 2 pm..tired!~again make it short~next day we went to bought the langsir actually for her tender project..well i dont really knew it~..nothing much happend..then went to bandar shah alam..jln2 wit my taiko's wife and 2 noty shayang..ssh btl..terseksa jiwa raga ku mnjaga..i bit worried in case if something happend..owh lelaki kucing still free!..kak limah offerd me the jeans but dgn sng ati nye..alahh kak xyah la ssh je..lenkali je la..~aha..wut da hekkss!! baik nye aku..actually xde mood sgt nk mmbeli pon..kami jln2 jmpe la badut pe lg sronok la bdk2 ni..the clown gave them ballon..a flower to ain and sword to farhan..they r promoted the suka ria ceria day sis in-law still confused whether they should go or taiko??..die xlayan bab2 cam ni..hehe..dudok sane wlau byk kerenah nk kne layan tp best!..oowhh i lv my bhooduck bushuk! im home..miss them so much..actually we wanna visit my second taiko's house at cheras,but he was not at home~ away~ 4 his sailing. duhh!!~ i miss him, but they(dh berbini daa) gonna back home this sem break~ i didnt captured to much..~take a look..

farhan and his nenen

ain also wt her coklet nenen..ahah c me in the mirror??

really addicted to ais-cream..

see?? ive told yaa..

with her flower from mr clown..

aha..i lov her..

someone was complained about the text size?..yeahh kinda sakit mate rite??..too ive change it..enjoy ur readings!..till then salam tata~

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