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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

new bestfriend in da houze

Yesterday sis and i went to mpk for her netball friendly match,as she is the team's manager so need to give big support.When enter the hall i was just like..'rindula kenangan lame mse ade school function kt cni..alahai..' and 'rindula nk main netball!!..any place 4 me, pleze??' but for sure la kan i cant play for this team..xde sangkot paot..huuhu~ im the outsider..huuhu..then sis mau jumpe tokey bsr kat bumiputera commerce..mau cocok2..hek2..dh terlanjur kat c2,we stop at the guardian bought some stuff and took the facial wash. Then sis asked.."bile nk buat spec?.."..i said.."whenevr u free la.."..kebatulan again,the england optical is just 2 shops away from the guardian then trs mask la..huhu..the process didnt took so long. I found the perfect match for me..(well i guess..)..sis said ill look more femenin with it..(haha mau blj mnjdi lbh femenine..) so i decided to choose that one..worth for..??..haha let it b a secret..sis paid for me..thnx!..(dh 2 thn ngn spec lame) this is my new spec~

so how do i looks like??..

still look chubby huh??..

okeh here is the credits for..

but still this spec is my fav one!

make me energetic!..

my new transformation towards femenine..huhu~

SENGAL LA PLAK..adehh..!

p/s:ok mybe my feminine thingy works in my attire..but my bahavior?..haha kinda hard to be transform to lemah-gemalai thingy..really not my type cz im the kasar one..huhu..i could b in both boyish and girlish..intelectually, just love the way i am!..^_^

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