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Thursday, February 26, 2009


again..! hari ni cam busan tak busan sgt la. Pg td..yeaahh credits to me! aku berjaya melawan nafsu tidoku y entah la minggu ni mmg kuat la tido! Bgn kol 6 pg setelah dikejutkan ole henpon y xcm henpon daah. seriously hate ble henpon berbunyi lbh2 lg time aku ketipisan kemodalan nk topup! btw thx to bestie, itriah kerana kemurahan ke'heart'an ke kamuan mendermakan crdit kpdaku wlaupon ringgit malaysia 2 kadar cuma..enough 4 me la~ sekarang mmg malaas tahap dewa wira keagungan komik no 26 nk bermesej-mesej ni. Tmbh2 plk skdr nk tye 'hai awk knl sy x?'..ape kejadahnye tye solan cenggitu..dh name pon unknown mmg la aku xknl,ape da..~oke blk pd cite td..bgn pg td,ciap2 la..agk cepat la mgkn terkena virus robot dlm HBO..LOLz! 6.30 kuar rumah menuju padang astaka..mau joging ma..! sdh 2 ari aku skip jog malas punye psl..duhh!! eh tp blm smpi skerat jln tetibe aku xlengkap j...lorrhh helmet plk lupe nk pki..ape daa..pusing blk amik helmet (utamakan keselamatan not yet married la!)So cm bese la smpi j kt padang ade la sekerat suku manusia..oowwhh waktu y bagus utk berjoging!..blh la dlm 1 pu3 kate 1.5 sbb jln nye bengkang-bengkok. So ok la 1.5 km for about 20 min i guess..non stop yaa..xmain brenti2 ni.hehe~(credits to me!)pas pegi la public gym tu..bes bcz im the first!..dlm kol 8,blk la gue k rmh..ternampak mak cik cantik jual nasi lemak..yum..yum! ehh..kuatkan smgt u're getting fatter! kan tgh diet mne blh amik kalori y byk..ok2 fine..seriously!! kali ni bbtol aku diet nih! dh sploh ari den x makn nasi asyik mkn ikan kukus je..eheks!!..dah buat hal plak ari ni xde air..dah la xbg notis x k nyusah kat nk msk gne ape?? air liur ke ape?..brangkot la ke blk air(air tangki kan) msk simple j.Oleh krna aku diet dn aku la tkg msk so mak,abah,kak eyno also abg mir pon kne mkn mknn y berkhasiat gak!..hehe sup sayo mkn ngn ikan kukos cecah blacan..dahh! take it or leave it!!..hehe cm kejam la plak..(ala abh pon tgi kolesterol)..pa2 aha..kemas bilik! alang2 dh berpeloh..ubah la kedudukan prabot skali..perghh!! nk putus je orat kentot tangan tarik almari,berat nk mampos!..baju sape la agknye~hhu..dah siap sume bru rse puas. Kemudian cm bese la kn dh apsal rse kejap je..lorhhh bru ingt mlm ni mlm jumaat!..buet-buet lupo plk hang no..~ seb baik sedaq diri..muahaha# dan kemudian onl9 la smpi rse nye nk out daa ni kot..esk nk kne bgn awai..mau pegi jalan2!!..jumpa org y trsyayang, abg besarku,kak besarku,ank2 sdare besar ku!! hehe..cant wait la..very notty2 kids...

Ain+Farhan=mak shu syg korang!

ehekzz!! buat buang tabiat!
getting fatter,more chubby since spm over so let's jog

bestie..pu3 jg tmn jogku

aha pabila kesengalan melanda

thz whenebe im not sbnrnye lg serius!

physiacs?? jz love it..rindu cegu wan rainbow and wan osamaLadenehaks

3 siblings missing in action!

hidop ini?? pnh dgn pancaroba..klo terjatuh..bgn la dan kate..sape plak sepak ni sakit la oii!!..ehekkss!teringat ayt sms~ goin to pahang-selangor-kl by tomorrow!!..aha..cant excited~ shoppin ka??..klo ade y blnje ade la..ngeh3~

till my next post ;P..daaa..

Things happend for a Reasons

ooo yea things really happend for a reasons. I did love to use thiz phrase whenever teacher Rabi'ah asked me to did a narrative. Talked about narrative, i used to be in dilemma couples month before the spm. Am i good in making a story??..hell ya if only if in Malay but in English, it really mess me up! i need at least 2 hours just to finish 2 page it means 1 hour for 1 page..wut da hekk!!. Back to my very-bad-english-year..started from standard 1 till 5 i only got 40,41,42,43 means grade C in my every monthly test. Teringat kate teacher Ju, my former teacher while in skbmII, "markah raihan maintain tp macang bobok dlm air,kalu dok jenjek lemah lalu"(trg ancient) means me,whether floating still or drowning. Frankly speaking, i really dont know how to study english even my grammar?? bloody hell!..The day when she enter our class and taught us about grammar with her beautiful hand writing on the blackboard..i was like "mandape la yg tecer ni ngajo,sute habok pn aku dop pahang"means i didnt manage to grasp it even did;do...can u believe that??..really happend to me and i never thought it was really..really important like acting as a brain in our body. Until in standard 6 im started to realise..realise from the big mistakes. So thnx a million to my bestie, Itriah. She taught me grammar and i started to achieved grade B. THANKFULLY. Kate org bg betis nak peha, same goes with me. I want A for my UPSR but Allah itu MAHA BESAR LAGI MAHA MENGETAHUI. ALLAH(rather to pronounced as ALLAH not HIM cz ALLAH neither guy nor women) didnt gv it to me cz B is more thn enough!..then things really happend for a reasons. Bcz i got B so i struggled for an A in PMR. Thankfully again..i saw an A for english in my slip yet D for math well dont really care about math actually. I really satisfied!. Then i got A1 for my first eng xam in f4. really unexpected..but then im juz playing around B3,B4. duuh! hoping for an A1 (actually A1,A2 doesnt mttr..)in this SPM RESULT. and lastly i did answer the narrative one, yeah thnx a MILLION to teacher Rabi'ah for your tips!..if u read this, dont get mad cz im not using a proper english..well ill try my best! u just wait till the time i will come to c u and we will talk to each other with my superb-gonna-be english!..

love+like+miss=Teacher Rabi'ah!

Well guys, this blog is kind of practice for me to become more any mistakes?? don't hesitate to reprove me~

till then daa..:)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


ehekzz..weirdo??..more than one comment in one day??..LOLz..saye terase suke nak posting2 banyak2..bohsan? ...well not really as long as i conquer thz laptop and being my hobby to type2 my stories i mean anything crossed my mind. Well lately im often thinking about this 12 march. DISASTER GONNA HAPPEN! spm result. This feeling really tortured me as im not perform well last year..yea cket2.laziness! duhh what if i get a bad result as im expected?...owww hell no! hoping for a good unexpected things would b happen soon~ ok if the bad part happen my parents would kill b upset. Yeah i hold their trust yet betrayed!..aha many things akan timbul dengan sendirinya. Im finish! Somehow,aku rase cam menyesal gila plk xstudy bebetol dulu..waaahh expected thing! penyesalan di kemudian hari like what my counselor said b4!..dulu penah pk gak,tp yeahh mybe aku akan cool j kot but now no i can't b cool anymore im hell worried! What if i couldnt reach my dream? yeaa being a vet. Oww this drove me to the insanity. Maths-result-gonna-be really annoy me. Ok back to the math paper day..Disaster!..failure to finish some of the questions and the rest?? i didnt answer it perfectly i guess. Owhh totally hell worried cz all my friends talking about really-easy-math-questions and me?? frustrated menongeng till cried and sory guys frankly speaking all those ur warm-words that day really make me jerk..i mean totally hate to hear it yet still appreciate it,thnx anyway~. The worst part is when mom asked me.."how was ur math paper??"..i didnt say any words..but tears like hell rain did told everythings to her. It was really a miserable day, i cant even finish the small bowl of laksa penang(fav!). Sepanjang ari tu aku hanya tido..tido and tido!! couldnt bear to c the spm schedule~ Bro called me and thnx to him he really motivate me..but still im thinking "oww bro it is not that easy". You're the maths genius so u can simply say "ok it would b alrite." But then i realised i cant screwed up my spm just bcz im clearly-hell-sure would fail in maths..come on this is not the end of yourlife..there's another 4 more paper to go!..pai~bio~chem~phys..ow..i cant take a risk..ok i succeded to get all the strength back. Mungkin slalu mnemui kagagaln dlm maths mmbantu aku utk cepat bangkit kmbali. Credits to my experience!. And now another misery time haunted me. I really wanna further my studies ovc or even get a place at upm bintulu..(still over the sea what~) but maths will b the big culprit for me to get there owwhh ya ALLAH help me!!...thinking about my second option to take stpm..insyaallah!

"time will solve all the questions mark"

im hell starving..

im really2 starving..haha obvious j kan??..since in dieting so the supper oppss the dinner would b grilled fish..awesome! hell like it~
owhh 8 min 34 sec to go..sabo2

when u read thiz..i dh kenyang..hohoo..blurrpp!!..alhamdulillah~

Crap things..!

oke..hah another oke..well love to start everything wt ok..kire tagline hanging around and found those thingy..ermm blh percaye k??check it out~

Your Learning Style: Unconventional and Insightful

You are very intuitive and ingenious. You're attracted to any field of study that lets you break the rules.

You Should Study:


Art history


Comparative religions

Eastern religion




Your Scholastic Strength Is Evaluating

You are great at looking at many details and putting them all together.

You are talented at detecting subtle trends, accuracy, and managing change.

You should major in:



Conflict studies




You Are a Auditory Learner

You tend to remember what you hear, and you have a knack for speaking well.

You excel at debating, foreign languages, and music.

You would be an excellent diplomat - or rock star!

okey..its 88% rite..lots of common actually..ermm so can b half and the half trusted!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Little Girl,Big Heart

Last Monday i read about this 8-years-old little girl at the newspaper.

Perhaps she looks nothing but i never thought she would standing in the eyes of the world like today! and frankly speaking, im damn adore this girl.Lets read thru this article~

Nojud Mohammed Ali was awarded a divorce after being married only a few months. When the divorce was granted in 2008 she was eight years old and in a marriage arranged by her father to a twenty-eight year old man. Both men claimed that she consented to the marriage. The girl resided in Yemen, which is one of a few countries that have no age limit set on marriages arranged by families. Nojud Mohammed Ali indicated that she would be returning to school following her court victory. At the time of the marriage she was in the second grade.Article

What can i say..she is totally the brave one..cayalah!

Well im hoping to be a damn brave person just like u..voice out my wordsss..!~

If i were a super-milionare..

day Dreaming time!!! ahaks..oke lets take a look what im gonna buy if were a super-milionare..

This Aprilia RS125 red edition ..kasi gempak g2!..yea seriously im falling in love with u in our first met last saturday..(dlm newspaper..hehe). Oke what should i call u? a bout Rossi la..yea Rossi cz u're Velentino Rossi's first ride and u help him to win! The price??..if not my mistaken..worth for RM22,+++. the super-milionare so money..not a big deal laah.

oowhh my crush..i call him darling..hohoo.. i lov this BMW 3 SERIES Price??..not so sure..around RM800,+++.

How about my shelter??

Well im gonna built a mansion based from the europian castle architecture with a serenly-green atmosphere. It must b located far away from the hectic life of city. The interior design must be modern contemporary yet classical at a certain part. It would be completed with the high technologies just like Bill Gate's home. Aha i'd love to have a stable at the backyard and also the mini zoo??..English-style garden would b the perfect choice cz Bali-style would make it a bit messy. And of course i want a big private library..hehe~..oke what else?? any suggestion??..owwhh secret garden like terabitha..haha..hanya org tertentu y tau..waahh~! terlebih suda..

All this would b happend if i were a damn superb-millionare and love to wasting.. Lamo-lamo bule pokai den ni aaa..! Till my next post..daaa..

Take a nap dude!

aha...lets take a nap with me, previewing some of my fav dramas and films, yeah!~

The first drama is...jeng3~

BEREK TV3~eheks! wht can i say thz drama is funny.I've watch 3 out of 4 episode that been showed.I miss the first episode cz i thought this drama is totally boring. Benarlah kate orang
x kenal maka x cinta.Well love this drama for a reason..aha Keifli sgt cute. Cute with his girly character wlaupun xbrape mnjd but still orite la..ok thiz 13 episode(if not my mistakes la)drama is now showing only on tv3 11am-12am every thursday. Everyone hv tv3 rite??..It is a story about a group of police wives with diff characters..ala desprete housewives they really annoys their laki la..hehe

ok next is..

Mertua vs Menantu..another comedy yet lesson drama. Erra Fazira, the main actress really cool with her natural looks and i juz love it. Well done Raja Farah cz ur acting eeww..really make me jerk enough. Well it is about.."when the mummy's boy get married"..On air every wednesday 10pm-11pm at AstroPrima.aha tgk jgn xtgk~!

Third one..

Cinta Gila is brand new series in AstroPrima.Quite awesome la~..mmg lawak (well i love lawak2 ni)This drama is about a couple of step-siblings y always fight in what ever it is. Y buat aku xthn tu..waahh hensem nye keter2 yang diorang ni pki. Si prm pki merc, lelaki plk pki bmw..bertuah la korang wlupn berlakon tp ade can gak bwk keter superb g2. Ok this drama u can simply watch it every Tuesday 9pm (kot) tetibe not sure plk..

English drama..

mr HOUSE! This awesome cool guy is mine!..haha i mean his brain is mine!..i watch it in AXN..not sure the timing cz aku redah j pkl bpe pn tgk..ahakss!~..xperlu citer lebey2 korang dh tau kan!


Well im not a movieholic. But since it won 8 oscar so i juz wanna c how far the qualities it is. Well, the word slumdog means anjing setinggan (if not my mistake la) became a hot issue in India. How come the director called them slum'dog'??..Mereka y terpaksa mkn cili tu mmg terasa la sgt2 pedasnye..huh..yea they hv been insulted. Ok..this story is about 2 slumdog siblings n ade sangkot ngn rancangan 'who wants to b a milionare'..ermm..well korang search sendiri la ye..~haha..

Terase cam promote plak ek..

Monday, February 23, 2009



4 days not online got so many things to share
unfortunately the ideas was dissapeared like u flush the feaces away to the tank.ehekz!~ ok where to start??..saturday would b cool rite? was kinda gloomy. i woke up a bitlate and it makes me sleepy all the day. Nothing much happend except the boredom strikes.Sleepy yet cant sleep!..owhh really tortured me~ but at last aku tido jugak!...then..everythings working ok!..

Sunday,another new chapter begun. Owhh..sekejap j rse. Almost 2 month plus plus spm is over. Miss my school and the buddies! Woke up very early lah...5.50a.m.. siap2 and pegi joging. aha~ smakin rajin.. But that sunday was not really a happy sunday. uuhh..laziness No laptop so cant online. Just watching the movies,talking alone,singing-singing and around 5 pm im having a chat with iffah, the old school mate live next door. Her mom gave me that kuih..i lupe name nye..alzheimer's attack me LOLz!! kate nye to celebrate my outing day..huhuuu..ok2 whtever lahh jnji enjoy..we chat about the upu 2nd phase and she asked me my plan beyond. Got 2 option either upm or form 6. Matriks?..nope im not going there..ask me if u wanna know. And owhh b4 i forget.. did u guys receive the spm sms??..the result gonna out this 12 march,last day before sem break (east region). It really annoys me ok!

Monday is another lazinessday. No joging cz i damn sleepy!..omg im started to skip my exercise and ate a lots! ahh aku berjaya menipu perut,mkn byk tp mkn sayo. Another boringness day. Nite, accompany sis to her office..waahh OT nmpk??..hehe~ what can i say damn boring, luckly i bring my mp3. Owhh im getting insane. At last we back home around 10.30++..

Todaywoke up aroud 6.09..really mau tdo blk tp kuatkan smngt..smpn tmpt tido..mandi..ehh awl la plk..xpe2 pegi awl blk awl..hehe..~ nothing interesting today kot. Just like ordinary day. Laptop is in da me online while watching the ulangan raja pe..!..

live ur life and forget ur age..ahaks!

aha thz gr8!

till my next post..daa..

Friday, February 20, 2009

Post of today

Pheww~~! its being a week i didnt write any post. Really got no mood to story-story la. Frankly speaking im not so sure wht ive done wt thiz week except thinkin about dieting.
Well mybe the whole week was created juz to make me sit back and think again wut ive done with my weight..goossh my weight increased 6kg since spm is over.
And now im still working so hard to get my ideal kilos back..seriously i jog 1km a day and 30 min at the public gym for 5 times a week
plus with the healthy diet(i guess)still aku xpuas ati. But i think ive screwd up my diet a bit today..oohh..
ermm..ooww b4 i forget, i wanna thnx thz person 4 the pinky cutie bunny tht thz person gave me(aku disuroh jgn bg tau name.oke2 i won't)
n me also kinda happy la today cz my cutie2 cuzie come to our house..hehe..she make my kitty is the photos of today..

oww pinky cutie bunny

cuzie in d houze

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Souvenir from BFF!

Juz wanna share..souvenir from my BFF;Mira..Malacca(again)keychain..haha.Famous amous of Malacca..btw,thnx a LOTS!..erkk kpd kwn2 lain y xdpt klo korang bace ni..jgn jales ye..hehe~


Trip to Malacca around July i guess.Best gilak!..naah gambr2 ku...

walaupun dh berkali2 k sini tp aku ttp xjemu(kot).

ketidk cukupn tggi ku mmksanya begitu..ngeh3

charlies angles..ehekz!

kami lg kan2?..hehe

ala2 gadis melayu g2..

menuju puncak!..dgn taming sari~..hehe best!

budak2 sengal..~

a'famosa waterworl y best!!

gosh! i lov ' BFF!

kami y sronk mandi~

bdk2 mlawat auditorium angkasapuri.

ada sound trouble ka??..


the day i will never forget!..

Melaka the historical city..yeah we used to be a colony under the colonial rule of British rite??..there's pro and cont dat we could c now..dgn trjajah nya kita maka kita akn lbh bersedia..learn from mistakes is the important thing..dan dgn terjajah nya kita maka terjadilah lawatan kami pada hari itu...enjoy!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Random :P

Well actually not in the mood lately. Hormone changes i guess??..ermm dont care about i decided to post something there are.

huuhuu..juz cute pose rite??

dis happend when boredom strikes.uuhh..i lov it!

can't believe i watch it again~

star fish star fish..lala~

one crazie evening..

Those picture may not in the best quality. uuh.. my batteries..hehe so i used the camcoder.Best in videos but poor in pictures~

Random :P

huuhuu..juz cute pose rite??

dis happend when boredom strikes.uuhh..i lov it!

can't believe i watch it again~

star fish star fish..lala~

one crazie evening..

one crazie evening..