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Thursday, March 5, 2009

nothing and not much..


what to type??..well im totally geram wt ths layout..still, i mean..but its ok not a big deal btw..
ermm..i viewed the azizah mahzan's photos recently, dont get me wrong i just wanna know who is the person behind the sensored sign actually..and im hell shocked..uurghh..i know those person,i mean they are also acting in that drama..which drama??..owhh i cant tell ya, kan xpsl2 plk blog ni kne banned..nk tau?? pk la sdri..lg sng kn??..
ok as for me..i used to like her before cz i thought she is the one who the-very- supan-woman la.. ok to be frankly, recently i was noticed about her attire that she wore in some of the drama she acted..(b4 ths gossips la)but at that time i was just..ehh apsal lak ni? rse nye dlu slalu brlakon cntk j pki..ermm lantak la..6t xlme garenti la ade y complain..but then..huhu it really happend just like what i said(xkate mulut aku masin k)ermm..ntah la..xleh la lbh2 plk kan..6t jd fitnah..for me as a observer we have and need to give an advises (tanggugjwb kita sesama islam kan) and the rest let she decide whats the best for her,her family,people around,carrier and also as a muslim.. last but not least also to that man lah kan...xadil lak die sorang je..ape name?? zaefrul ek??..ermm wuteverlah..
lastly..ill pray for ur success here and here-after..insyaallah..~

p/s:thinking about what dad said several weeks ago..the media should considering about the attire code, up-to-date yet courteously.Kan lbh manis sekiranye y xsepatutnya didedahkan itu ditutup..utk ape??..utk elakkan fitnah..kan Rasullullah s.a.w dh kate..
ermm tepuk dada tanya iman..~

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