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Thursday, March 5, 2009

always thinking about the suitable title~

oke...enough with the layout problem..ermm this layout??..i do satisfy it..looks simple, messy2 rite?..huh sakit blakang den dok adjust2 ni..bkn sonang tau..

btw..sis left us for her trip to hat yai,and i already miss her. No one to talk to but mom. Dad?..he left to KL..owhh the thing is im damn bored, considering about watching movie after this or maybe finish up reading the novel..owhh how dull my life nowadays~ andd owwhh (again) my another sis gonna home tomorrow. She break for 5 days i guess and decided to back home,well last time we met was 2 month ago..the day that mom and dad home from their hajj.Talking about my sister..i miss my another one sister. She stay at Bintulu and rarely coming home, well need to sv her budget la and the plane ticket was quite expensive for a student like her besides she loves saving btw~ huhu..
the maroon eh?? for her trip

oohoo..credits to me for being taller than her..jgn mrh

the skinny one..ppl tend to call us as a friend rather than a sister..huhu she still in the bus iguess..

Couple days ago i attended a barbeque at mira's of my bff..well kinda enjoy btw cz we didnt make up for a long period i guess..well everybody bz with the licence thingy but me..~huhu..ermmm i ate the pandan cake and it is damn yummy..but didnt ate to much cz im in diet...and the best thing is i lost 3 kilos...waahh an achievement after more than 2 weeks im dieting and a month with regular worth!..after that..karaoke..well aku dengaq ja no..xnyanyi..huhu~here is the pic..

p/s:Im obviously miss my school time..5 sc gangs are rockks! ya..and for nas..if u read this..u need to sing a special song for me like what naim did..(huhu bengong btl nyanyi lagu azura utk aku..btw thnx ya naim!) cz i hv uploaded ur photos like u told me to..ermm tina..i know u will not b able to read this but i'd like to say that i miss u..!(ak takot tokey cina tu mrh lak klo aku kaco mu keje..huhu)..

till my next post..tata~

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