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Thursday, March 5, 2009

freaky bloody finger!

ni xde keje nak buat la..~errmm hari ni mcm bese la weekend!!..(not a big deal at all since im always in holidy..) i cooked "labu msk lada hitam" just now and yummy la kot..huhuh..the thing is..while cutting the pumpkin (omg keras mcm batu!) disaster happend..!!..i accidently cut my own finger! that moment i was just like "aoow....!!" first it was hell hurt!..but then ok la xsakit pon..but the wound was bloody hell mcm kne tembak je..but dont worry the pumpkin was free frm my blood is safe to be eaten~..
ni dh kering daa kot..i need gamat!..where is the gamat ha??

p/s:teringat citer kaler htm pth tu...raja bersiung y trmkn darah..haha lame dh xtgk!..
owh sis is here btw..just arrived~

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