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Monday, March 9, 2009

me and my yesterday..bla..bla..

my yesterday goes smooth and cleann..ahak even need to accompany sis for her tudong shopping..huh! bowsan siot..dh jmpe y tu nk y ni plk..dh dpt y ni nk plh len plk..haha anyway still enjoy blh gak jln2..and the thing is ade la sorang mamat jual tudong ni..friendly la sgt...bagos tp terlalu friendly just make me felt jerk!..myb feelings aku la dh la ngantok j its ok ..forgiven!..

nite,sis treated us pizza...hawaian tuna which is i dont like and royal masala yeah lyke it! chiken wings tht i cnt eat at all and breadstik yeahh!,my another sis also cooked char kuew teow for the dinner b4 she start her k??
ahah..sis bought tshirt frm hat they are~

which one should i choose??..

finally..i choose this of angels??..heh~wutever..

she also bought LOTS of kerepek which is lead me to exercise more to burn all the calories..LOL!
wut else??..owh did u know the new brand series of Merlin??.. yeahh just love to watch it!..i dont like it at first but then..looks like im falling in love with the prince!..haha..LOL!..tak kenal maka tak cinta!

last but not least..the smarter way to wasting my yesterday was by watching this lapok 8tv drama..
KAMI..huuuu..dlu kn nk spm so jrg tgk la..


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