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Thursday, October 15, 2009

sy tak sehat...

sayer tak sehat walau pon pd hakikatnye sayer nampak SEHAT..
Minggu y menyeksakan with those JARUM!..
malam2 tido sayer ditemani rase sakit yang amat!...2 hari dah sayer xtak gi skolah..sronok ke??? naahhh boring dayz with the pain..
sayer nak cepat2 sehat sbb mggu dpn sy nk g camp!!!
please my PEROT jgn sakit k.....

moral of the story....makan tu ikot jadual n no more heavy diet
cik itrie sy fhm dah ape awk rase bile awk kate awk gemok tp orang lain kate awk kurus...
adekah sy ni anorexian>>>,,,no way..full stop

Sunday, October 4, 2009

caffeine boost me up :)

ok as i was regularly took caffeine lately so here are some information about 'em...

Caffeine is a drug that is naturally produced in the leaves and seeds of many plants. It's also produced artificially and added to certain foods. Caffeine is defined as a drug because it stimulates the central nervous system, causing increased alertness. Caffeine gives most people a temporary energy boost and elevates mood.

then, as i always felt whenever i took this drug..

Got the Jitters? (yeah n hate it so much)

Many people feel that caffeine increases their mental alertness. Higher doses of caffeine can cause anxiety, dizziness, headaches, and the jitters. Caffeine can also interfere with normal sleep.

Caffeine sensitivity (the amount of caffeine that will produce an effect in someone) varies from person to person. On average, the smaller the person, the less caffeine needed to produce side effects. Caffeine sensitivity is most affected by the amount of caffeine a person has daily. People who regularly take in a lot of caffeine soon develop less sensitivity to it.(thnx god i still can control it). This means they may need more caffeine to achieve the same effects.

Caffeine is a diuretic, meaning it causes a person to urinate (pee) more. It's not clear whether this causes dehydration or not. To be safe, it's probably a good idea to stay away from too much caffeine in hot weather, during long workouts, or in other situations where you might sweat a lot.

Caffeine may also cause the body to lose calcium, and that can lead to bone loss over time. Drinking caffeine-containing soft drinks and coffee instead of milk can have an even greater impact on bone density and the risk of developing osteoporosis.

Caffeine can aggravate certain heart problems. It may also interact with some medications or supplements. If you are stressed or anxious, caffeine can make these feelings worse.(oohh i never drink any coffee whnver i got the school test) Although caffeine is sometimes used to treat migraine headaches, it can make headaches worse for some people.

aha...i think my passion towards this drug still under control as i only take it whenever i was like hell need it, yeah there is tons of homework to be done nowadays...ohh can i hv the doraemon pocket plesh??..

but lately i took lots amount of caffeine i guess and i could feel the migrain attacking me rite now rite here. Hoping this could be stop soon...............

for those who can stay awake naturally, oohh never change it and never try to get addicted with it, trust me guys..

(p/s:u know what?... ape2 pon yang kite buat, control it instead of they control us..dats y im not really addicted with caffeine, juz have it when ive got tons of homework..till then...tata..)

Friday, October 2, 2009

happy belated bday guys...

okay as i promised write a special entry to all my bff...(hanya utk mereka y smbt bday jew..huhu)..

first person...incik AMIRUL NAIM B. ROSLI..was born on 9th april 1991..
weyyhh...beso dohh mu tp aku still jd y sulong..ha3..k as ur bdy was on our holiday so i was nearly 4get...sorry broo...aku kan jd puteri lilin kat umah.. ok we hv befriend since 10 years ago..pergghh lame gak tu,since i was on standard 3 at ckp die charming tp aku cakap die mcm hantu!..har3 suke hati je kentot dpn aku (jgn mrh...) die ni bjak gak la,currently completing his diplome in electric engineering at uitm die bg aku agak good in progression kot.. kerjaya yang mantap!(bkl tauke sate brjya ni..), awek y cun..(smpai aku rse cm xpdn lak ngn mu..ho9)...hobi die for sure suke mnyusahkan aku n kuat mrajok (oppps!..terlepas plak..) ok..happy bday to u..(belated actually) mayy Allah bless u all d time..and may our friendship last 4 evr..

second person..the twin..cik RAFIDAH N RAMIZAH RAMLI...4th july 1991..
ni rafidah je...gmbr ramizah xde..gile pyah nk amik gmbr dorang ni..huhu...dorang ni identical twin so korang agk2 je la cane muka mizah tu, mmg sejibik cam kakak die ni.. i called them as brainy twins...sbb dorang bijak..hehe we has befriend since form 1 n aku knl rafidah ni dlu then ramizah ni cam criuz cket org nyer..huhu tp ble dh lme2 knl 2 2 pon sempoi.. currently rafidah in gambang matriculation while ramizah in johore matriculation gambang... u both, happy belated bday, be strong!...i know u 2 can face all this life challenge,study smart yeahh...!!

third person, cik ITRIAH AHMAD MIZAM..arrived on 16 july 1991..
mak cik ni sgt la mengade...ha3...ok we has befriend since we was 11...kemana saje sy pegi msti ade die...mengade btol...ske ikot saye..haha2 tp kdg2 sy yg ske ikot die...haha..bkn pe sy kan kuat,wlaupon agk kurang dlu kan mse skolah renndah sy lg tggi drp die..he3 currently she strive 4 her IB in kmb(tmpt jin tendang..)...utk mak cik tyah..happy belated bday...i owe u ur bdy present...6t ye sy kasi, sy sgt gmbira sbb brt sy dh nk same ngn awk..(did i told ya i lost 10kg??ha3...soho nye) smoga awk tabah n kuat 6t kite same2 g travel europe k..xpe sy blanje...haha (sy kn the most kind lady in the world)..

each on 09 aug & 19 sept 1991..
haha aku suke nk combine kn space korang berdua...suke sgt gadoh he4...kwn ngn mira since standrd 3 n pu3 mse stndrd 6...mereka 2org ni study kat matrik gambang gak...sorang amik bio sorang amik fizik...okay....aku nk ucapkan happy belated bday gak ngn koranag...aku syg korang n persahabatn y dh kita bina slama ni...keep in touch n jgn pnh lupe aku...u all can do it n nr give up dear....

5th...incik SYED NORASNAWI SYED AHMAD...25 july 1991..
ni gambr lame tau...syed yang skrg dh smakin hensem n kurus...k kitorang kwn since f1...and die ni giler rajin n syed happy belated bday!...currently he also completing f6 same as me...chaiyook syed...i know u can do it!!....and do rmmber i alwayz here to listen to ur prob cz im still the old raihan dat u know....b positive and stand on ur own foot..

last...cik NAJWA AWATIF ARSHAD...06 aug 1991
sometime,cg tertukar ngn kami adk bradik kot. kami kwn since drjh 5, and one i noticed about her...she alwayz say somthing tht could comfort me..thnx najwa...she also in f6 same school as me....slamat hari lahir najwa,smoga awk sntiasa diberkati n dirahmati Allah...n kite kwn smpi ble2 tau..

(p/s:k dh hbs kot...haha prsan x mkin bwh mkin cket.ho2 nk jimat space n dh mlm sgt la ni n im getting sleepy...pe2 pon love u all....may our fs remain 4evr...)

!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

a lots of friendship love,
oh ALLAH please keep our friendship remain forever
never let it dissapear as u make the plastic remain for another thousand years...

our iftar...

ok those picture was taken during our PPU's break fast..



wardah,dik piq n pian

wan,me and mai...bez mkn...

from left, zafirah,lea,najwa and im not sure who is bside her..

cni ade nini,nolie,arfah..xnmpk la spe sblh tu..hehe

from left aina;den;huda

ini adalah part of form 6 smc la..they r amazing and sempoi slalu...bez geng ngn korang...hu9, k there is nothing much to say...HAPPY EID MUBARRAK..strive for our stpm next year!...daa..

(p/s:at the time..aku rindu gak geng2 lame y len, slamat hari raya buat korang jugak...wherever u r, do rmmber our friendship...)


(entry kali ni xde gambr cz gmbr raye sempt amik drp kamera k.ya...dh ade 6t aku upload)
salam aidilfitri kpd semua...
actually kebzan melanda...seskali blh la update blog,nak update hari2 cam dlu really pyah sket la...bkn xleh tp ade perkara lain y mesti didahulukan lagi so its ok la...lagi pon blog ni xde la mati lagi pon...huhuu..
Ramadhan dah pergi tgl kan kita...kadang2 rase hiba, ramadhan thn ni x begitu terisi dengan cinta kpd-NYA dan terganti pula dengan perkara2 lagha,astaghfirullah...entah kan dapat lagi aku temui ramadhanMU ya ALLAH....tiada siapa yang tahu esok lusa kita dipanggil menghadapNYA dlm keadaan diri yang entah ciap entah tdk...umpama baju tak berjahit...malu sungguh aku pada diriMU ya Allah...
Aku hari ini masih aku yang dulu, mungkin keadaan sedikit sebnyak merubah diri ku...ohh raihan, people do change...cuma sama ada ke arah kebaikan atau keburukan itulah yang manjadi persoalan nya...
Sehingga kini aku tak pasti dengan diri aku lagi...raihan seorang yang baik???...u'r absolutely wrong when u say that...raihan yang dianggap baik masih tercalit kejahatan pada dirinya...raihan yang dianggap selalu mengambil brt akan org lain msh punya kesellfishan(soory cegu bm ku...) nya... raihan yang dianggap rjin msh juga ada malasnya...raihan yang xdianggap sombong msh jg ada riaknya,raihan yang dianggap bijak msh terlalu bodoh lagi jahil dgn ilmuMu,Raihan yg dianggap cth masih ggl tnjukkan cth y sempurna,raihan yang dianggap penyayang masih ada kejamnya ..ooohhh tuhan, begitu halus panahan iblis Mu..
Tapi...seburuk mana pun aku,aku akan cuba menjadi y terbaik sebaik mana yang mampu aku gapai. Aku tak menjanjikan y aku mampu menjadi baik namun aku berjanji utk berusaha ke arah itu...
Di kesempatan ini aku mahu memohon ampun dan maaf zahir dan batin, menyusun sepuluh jari dr hujung rambut ke hujung kaki...ahhh terlampau banyak dosaku umpama buih di lautan..
maaf yang tak terhingga sekali diucapkan kpd mak dan abah,maaf anakmu ini msh lagi gagal memenuhi impian mu...
maaf juga buat keluarga tersayang..abg,kak pih,kak nor,abg kml,abg amir,kak ya,kak ikin,kak limah,abg syed,ain,farhan,dik noor...maaf krana daku juga msh gagal menjadi seorng adik dan saudara yang sempurna..
Tak dilupakan seribu kemaafan diatur buat saudara2 ku yang lain...rehan mnx maaf ehh.. untuk peanut,zila,ja,angah,along,ewan,athirah etc..etc...weii aku tau aku xsalah tp aku mnx maaf gak la...haha.. esp peanut yang aku sayangi (oohh ni aku tipu j,wat sdp ayt) u owez b my best kuzie..
Buat sahabat2 dan org tersayang (oopss!!) rehan mnx maaf byk2 ats kekurangn diri ini, aku tau aku sgt lah xsempurna malah tak layak mungkin utk mnjadi teman terbaik kalian semua...utk beberapa org yang xdpt aku nk sebutkan name korang(case senctive kan...) aku mnx maaf atas segala apa yang dah jadi antara kita semua. Mmg aku xpnh mahu sme ni jadi...please 4give me for my wrongdoings,aku tau kdang2 aku terleka dgn keindahan dunia sampai lupe nk jage hati korang tapi satu je yang aku bagi tahu...seseungguhnya aku xdapt nak puaskan hati semua orang sedangkan hati aku sendiri terluka tiada siapa yang peduli..and i need to nurse my own wound..give me some space to fix it..frankly ake sangat sesali ats ape yang berlaku but please i beg u to understand me and my situation..

Last but not least...
maaf buat diriku sendiri...

(p/s: hari tu termimpikan kota metropolitan Australia...jauh btl aku pegi...dalm mimpi tu aku further study kat sane...hrp2 mimpi tu kan menjadi ala2 dejavu,siapa tahu suatu hari nanti kan ku jejaki kaki ke sana sbg palajar...yeahhh raihan study hard yet smart!!..u can do it...aku xnk kecewa lagi............)