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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

im 8teen.....!!

What can i say..its my birthday..I was born eighteen years ago on March 24 1991..huhu..just love this here is the birthday video i found at youtube..

so i received many sms today and last week..haha..(aci k??..xpe asl ingt..)..thnx afiq for being the first..i nvr expect u rmmbr my bdy cz dont evn rmmbr yours..ngeh3(aku jahat,tp aku ingt u ws born in january ritee..??)then rafidah,tna..ha cik itiyah seb baik beliau ingt klo x sy tag kamu..(letih la tu konon..scholar tu kongsi2 tau hhuuu..)rmi la...everyone..thnx a MILLION!..and the best part is nas came to my houze just now to send the bdy gifts!..yay~

the cake and the card!

cayalah nas..kek ni best..kkk aku pon curi..huhu

another view..

and the froggy!!..

omg! froggy is my obsession!

And last but not least thnx to MOM cz eighteen years ago you was lots in pain between life and death to give birth. also to dad for everything that u do and did to me until i am who i am today..i will never be able to repay all sort of things that mom and dad did to me..! bday resolution??..yeah i wanna b a better person! hard yet smart and get into edinburgh..!

p/s:have u read the paper today??..based from the experiment from the expert,IVF or invitro fertilisation method may gives you a baby but the baby may suffer from dissabilities ..uhu..i didnt know that actually..well renung2 kan..
(saya menunggu hadiah drp cik itiyah huhu..xsabar!)

till my next post...daaa..~

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