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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


its 2.52 a.m...whoaa!!.. im nocturnal today... just drank a cup of the old town nescafe...uummm yummy!!..haha.. and the result.. CANT SLEEP!!.. well im doing this for a reasons.. need to study some of the history thingy..arghhh... but online instead of study...hhohoo..

well lame gile seyhh since my last post...i dont know what happend to me actually just lost the passionate on bloggin since bestie leave for her kmp.. currently there is no addiction towards the internet...but today post gak la sumthin for my dear readers...

ok best thing happend....
1-having damn freak yet fun frenzy..
3-reader digest is back!!..juz read thru..
4-ppu's guys awesome!
5-new nephew..umar anuar

im lookin 4ward for...
1-4.00 flat FYE..**weeee**
2-ramadhan al mubarrak
3-catch up all the study thingy..
4-reschedule my life...hoho..!

okay...ppu's life syokk!!... we just had a futsal & badminton match recently and its damn fun!..

bab kne catch up b4 d xam

study..onl9 ats katil..muahahaa..and yehahh RD in d houze!

p/s: someone annoy me rite now!...hey.. stop doing that ok...its nothing but jerk!..

Saturday, July 18, 2009

hectic la sis

well life bz.... so cm malas je nk onl9 slalu.. klo onl9 pon kejap je..xrase nk tls2 blog nih.. f6 is awesome!... the dudes and the chicks are damn sporting..huhu tiap2 ari ade je drama... balaja pon sronok sbb no more hard killin math subject!..yeah..and last but not least thnx to my orlando as cheering my life!..ngeshh2!