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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Aku ingat kau ni budak bijak sangat...tapi rupanya pending jugak..... buat ayat macam darjah 1... buat rugi duit kerajaan je masukkan kau dekat sekolah budak pandai-pandai....aku harap kerajaan tak buat second mistake bagi kau scholarship....sekian...

(p/s:maaf la kasar sikit....sbb hati tgh sakit...)

Monday, February 27, 2012

tak de tajuk

Salam everybody...

It's been a while since my last post... (what daa cliche one....)

So currently im doing good here....i mean, no more homesickness... i already told my self that this time i must be positive.. it's so hard to be me. Im not that kind of spoiled daughter, its just because im not used to be a way from home for a long period. But now alhamdulillah, im proud of myself as i dont felt anymore for being far from home. I love my YAB (hostel) very much. I have good buddies here and a very understanding room mate. Before this i always paranoid if getting such a bimbo room mate. You get what i mean?, im the kind of person who just love the serenity especially during my morning time. I dont talk too much as i wake up and during my study time, and alhamdulillah my room mate isnt my nightmare. I thankful to get her as my room mate, we both understand each other. She never interfere when i was busy or talking non stop at 6.30 am.. Sometimes we do shared problem together, talked to each other before everyone was fall a sleep. When ive got a problem, she did asked, but when i just kept my mouth shut, she understand that i need some time.....alhamdulillah......

So... how was with study?... hmm... im trying to be great to0...sometimes i felt lonely while in the class and i will start missing my form 6 era very much... day by day, i get to used with all this... i don't mind to be alone, or when nobody wanted me to be in their group...i understand each person got their own friends that will make them comfy very much... heyy...its not that i have no friendss.....!.. i do have friends.. i just wanna say alhamdulillah as Allah granted them to me.. They are super nice with the smart brain. I love to be friend with them.. it's just my weakness to be suits with new friends in just a blink of eyes... i need sometime to get comfy with them or maybe for them to get comfy with me instead?... naahh. i dont mind as i know this is what Allah wants me to be.

ok what else....?

hmm...let me think..........

ok today is Tuesday..this sem, Tuesday means..........goyang kaki! class.......!
it should be an EEP's day today, our lecturer asked us to join wawancara undang-undang and attendance will be signed!.... but i dont feel like to go...(ok suke-suke hati je..) because i have my own plan today...sorry Miss Kamini...i cant make it today.... well actually, EEP's day is on Wednesday not today....dont blame me ok......hehehe...


any other unsaid things?
. more kot....
ok la...ive got some picture to be as your refreshments, as my token of gratitude to you who just wasting your time reading my craps just now....TQ!

nahh....bekasan kami lepas bersantap di jeti Kuala Perlis sem lepas.....oohh miss that moment...! alahai sodap nyeeee! please drool everyone.....hehehe

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


please come back....

im begging u dear....


Salam Readers,

Just wanna say.....



Kalau kak dayah tu blh dapt 4 flat...kenapa tak aku?

Monday, February 13, 2012

14 february ;)

Salam readers,

Today is 14th February's special day... but not the valentine, it's my sister's bday.... she is turning 26 this year... Happy Birthday kak ya... i love u so much! since a little people often misjudge us as a twin because of our same face. But i know you will always be prettier than mine....
and i would like to doa u, that u will get those prosperity, glory,healthy health, a good job, soleh husband and beautiful kids.....cepat kawen! i nk kawen plak ni......ngehshhh~

ok talking about valentine's day.... alhamdulillah i never celebrate it, dulu before i know it's haram i didn't celebrate jugak cz single kot..hahhaa but then after i knew it and i had someone special, i thankful he didn't practice this celebration too.... im not sure la kot zaman2 jahiliah die ade sambut...maybe he don't know at that time....let bygone be bygone lahh... Anniversary la wajib kot sambut hahaa.....sambut dgn makan!....sampai blh buat rancangan jalan2 cari makan...semua tmpt nk try....~

(p/s: minggu ni bgun awal~~~ ngeh3....)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kamu yang nun di sana...

Salam Readers....

It's Sunday...12th February....
4 days to go and my holiday, ended .
Im not gonna say about Whitney Houstan as i don't care about her except for a little sympathy as a human .

Before you proceed with ur reading, i warn you....this post is lil bit about heart..and if u dont like it, you better dont continue....TQ! =)

Ok...i feel weird, freak whatever the words to say that im not used with this condition .
imisshim . yes . indeed .

I love it when we sat together while enjoying the ice-cream though he usually ate so fast and of course la tak romantik ok . Mana ada orang romantik mkn laju-laju..? hahaa...but you know what dear, its makes me love you more and are so unique on my eyes . i love it when you sang to me although the lyrics was sooooo ridiculous but you know what ? you got beautiful voice to me except when you sang 'aishiteru's' song...i dont like it.. simply because i don't like that song...ngeh..ngeh..ngehh.. ooohh i've got an enjoyable time with you so much dear and this post specially dedicated to you Wan Muhamad Hafiz ! im not sure whether you will read this or not... but in case you really read this, i want you to know that i love u more and more each day, thanx for supporting me no matter how hard the time is and be with me until today...

You know what ? i miss you like hell right now... yesterday i felt like crying when u left me to Sarawak but of course la i won't cry because your mom was there and our friends also there, but deep inside, im crying, crying so badly.....we will be apart for another 3 months... thankfully we got digi easy prepaid! hahahaaa.... cheap and we can talk 24/7.... but still, i will miss to see your face... your hostel is so !!!!!!!! no 3G!.... :'( but it's ok, if i can wait for 1 semester, i could wait for another 7 semester... insyaALLAH...

To be's so hard especially when before that, both of you always did something together...but i know Allah made it beautifully for us. HE knew what best for us... If you really love your pair sincerely, then distance is not a problem......jauh di mata, dekat di hati...kan ? but yeaa...sometimes it's torturing me especially when i really need him to be beside me. Please pray for our jodoh. We were planned to get married . insyaALLAH ... after both of us done with our studies or maybe vice versa?..

I dont know what else should i say...i really miss you..... and i love the video you made for us.... i can't wait for our anniversary...i hope u will be around dear...

(p/s: sem 2 nak dekan! )

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Result saye.....

Salam readers,

it's 10 Februari, and yesterday was the result's day..... and my holiday hanya tinggal a week.... :'(

So how was the result?...
hmm.... First and foremost, Alhamdulillah ya Allah. It's paid off.. i mean for my those effort, i dare to say that i really love the so thankful to Allah swt...

Ok you must be wondering, "oohh she looks so happy, she must get the dean list.." actually, i didn't manage to achieve the DL YET. * i will grab it on my second sem, insyaALLAH! * but my result wasn't that bad. I got 3 and i really thankful because i gain it with my own effort!... My friends got DL, at first i was down and a bit sad, upset but than i took a deep thinking...i said to myself, "why should i feel this way? i shouldn't behave like this, i should thankful for what ALLAH give to me, 3 pointer is not bad la Raihan!, u should proud of yourself!.... "

yeahh that's right. I should be proud because i get 3 pointer with my own effort! no forecast question from lecturer at all.... and they get high pointer because they have the forecast u get what i mean?...they get a lil bit soalan bocor compared to me, my lecturer didn't gave us at all and if they did, i didn't rely on it much. I just study and study and study because i don't know why Allah made me that way... and i made it! that is why im happy although i didnt get the DL..but next sem ill make sure i will get them! insyaALLAH!!...

(p/s: kite ni tgk sgt org y result tinggi2 tu pastu sedih sbb xdpt mcm yang mereka dpt, kite tak pulak tgk org yang dpt rendah2 tu yang inginkan result mcm kite.... kan?..betul tak? sbb manusia xkan pernah puas dgn apa yang dia ada...)