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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

new resolution..

well spm really taught me a i decided to further my study in form 6.The thing is im gonna learn in the different field. I used to study in sc stream for past 2 years in secondary school and it is just not my luck to succeded well,then i took a decision to be in the sc social class which is most with my passions and interest. Maybe im goona be a potitical analysis ..or a psychologyst or a lecturer in antrophology..or maybe bla..bla..huhuu..not decide yet..mybe soon.
so the important thing is im gonna usha2 all sorts of f6 thingy especially the subject b4 the form 6 start..well dreaming about taking history and economy as one of my stpm subject..(boleh ke??..harhar)..
as i said in my previous post...things happend 4 a reasons..yeah..again the spm thingy really give me a high impact in my passions..and the most important thing is my ambition gonna change!..actually most goes to my ambition my dream and my passions,98% is about humanities so not really a big deal huh??..
and now im thinking about read the pengajian am my first step!..

p/s:sorry my fellow readers, i do hv lots of things to share with but still not really in the mood as the video that im trying to upload isnt works at all..damn! and the worst thing is i become nocturnal..duhh..3 weeks life without exercise..but the diet still working..~ last words for today..pray 4 my success!

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