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Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Teacher's Day!

Assalamualaikum...guysss!! backk cz i feel like blogging now :)
I just back home from my former school, celebrating the Teacher's Day...
As i write this,an idea crossed my mind...i think im gonna write an entry specially about Teacher's Day~ but not now, maybe later cz i need to be focused...

So now im gonna share with you something from today...haruslah ade photos kan???

This time i put the smaller size of photos. No reason, just playing around to see which sizes looks better in my blog. Ok this photo was taken after the ceremony, there are me and Jehan with our form 3's history teacher...Pn. Faridah... i got B for her subject during my PMR day but she wasnt the one who taught me. Oppss....!! by the time i typing this i just wondering where is my teacher for this subject?...i didnt see her just now..Pn. Siti can i missed forgot her?? bad :( the way, can you see Jehan?...Shes pretty adorable rite? i like to look her face..suci...hehe...shes already taken dude hehe...
This was from my random photos during the Teacher's Day celebration previously. Actually i was ashamed to go forward and snapping around so that is why i just hentam kromo je amik gambau...~

This one was the photo's of me and Cikgu Raja. Actually she never teach me, but i came to know her when i was joined the Persatuan Silat Cekak Ustaz Hanafi 5 years back. By the time she was the teacher at smksi and she is very closed to my 2 elder sisters. When i met her just now to say some greetings, she smiled at me and mentioned my name like i am very close to her like my sisters. I was like happy cz she dont even know me but the way she talked to me like she know me very well...i love to see her actually, kecil molek....canteek! ank die cantek dan hensem jugakk..hahaha~ :p

Whereas, this with Pn Zaimah and Pn Faridah.. Pn Zaimah is our counsellor...From right, Naim and Nas....
The boys with our ustaz Muin... The teacher who taught us addmath but also the one who always will started his lessons with tazkirah or cerita teladan for us...I like him very much. He gave lots of advices, somehow i miss his joke although i hate addmath... :)

As i safely arrived home, i saw thisssss!!!!! heheeee.... oohh i got the parcel from Lipice! Wanna know further how do i got it???...simply visit You will know what the process you should do until u get the free sample...oh i got the strawberry lipice,same as i ever bought before.. You know what? will experienced minty lips after smudged it on your lips... :) i just love it!

Till then...salam...

(p/s: Oh mengantuk laaa....pagi td tetibe bgun dgn kepala y sakit!..migrainnn, please behave ok!)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

i love whenever i felt i love blogging :)

Hye guys....How are you doing??...

Its been a while...and for sometime i miss blogging very much!.. :)
So since i got the mood to blog tonite, without any delay i grabbed my memory card to upload some pictures....
Ok i know my birthday was in March and its Mei already...and this was really so last yeaaarrhh... but since i already promised to tell ya something from my here we aree....THE PRESENT! ... ehhemm..its from the loved one! <3 :) He bought this present like one month earlier... what is inside???... guess...guessssssssss....! its a lovely cutie adorable pretty bear!.. but waiitt...actually i got 2 things but let it be a secret alright?..hehehee...sorry..~and the bear?? dont wanna showing off :P . Thnx bota! i really appreciate it.. And received smses from close friends was one of the touching, happier thing ever...i dont care about the present, it just enough if u guys remembering my important date in my life and also your sincere du'a for me... Alhamdulillah, thnx ALLAH for granted me with such amazing friends :)

* * * * * *
Some random photos...

This photo was taken weeks ago. Recently, i love chilling at the beach and she is the one who always accompany me. *sila jgn jelez ye munirah!..hehe* thnx darl :) Do yo see?..ive got lots of pimples! arrgghh!

* * * * *

ahaa...since jobless, i love to cook err actually cooking is must-do-routine everyday except for here is one of the menu. local people at my place called "ikan barat" but i dont know and im too lazy to find what is it been called in english...i just know fews like, calamari and catfish!! they are my favorite! :) its just a sweet sour dish... sdap mkn mase panas!

* * * * *

This is actually the sauce. The chilies was not cooked well yet and i didnt add any addition ingredient yet to make it perfect....Hey this menu were so easy man, i bet u know how to make this..err what, u dont know??...go goole it!,thats what i do whenever i felt 'argghhhh what is for today's menuuu?????!!!!'.Guys, unfortunately i didnt snap the result...hehe sorry..~ sedar2..dh hilang separuh, but trust's awesome! delicious!! :)

* * * * *

Mean while, this menu is specially for those who on diet!..that's me!!... today i started diet again. Since i stranded here jobless, so i need to keep watching my weight. My normal weight during my f6 was 43 kg, but now seems like i gained 2 kg.... which is my weight now is 45 kg... and i started to felt uncomfortable because seems like i got some spare tire here and there...So no more dinner or supper!...ill cut some carbo and start exercise over again...i know it just 2 kg but 2kg can become!....its all about discipline yourself~ ;)

R E F L E C T I O N . . . . .
~Some people said, never take something for granted cz u will hurt at the end of the day, badly hurt. Even though i realize the truth, i still can't change the fact that im the person who always take something for granted. Im the kind of people who full with hope deep in my heart, i never stop hoping even for something i less sure.. i ever hurt before but it still doesnt change anything but keep hoping and holding..but it taught me a lessons, the valuable one.... :)

(p/s: Selamat Hari Guru!...Esk nk g skolah lame, nk nyibok sambut hari guru..hehe. Weh..mate xngantok lagi!...rindu botaa laaa... tlg la mata...please ngantok k???...nak wat pe ntah? agk2 kul 3 bru blh tdow ni...grrr!!..angsa ni bising laa....!)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

surVey! :)

Check it ouuttt babes.......

a. 5 names that friend call

1. rehan
2. raihan
3. rai
4. han
5. dik han

b. 5 most important date in your life

1. 24/3
2. 22/8
3. 5/4
4. 11/11
5. 17/6

c. 5 things you have done yesterday

1. cooked
2. slept
3. ate
4. sulked
5. wasted time

d. 5 ways to be happy

1. solat
2. reciting Quran
3. think positive
4. family
5. bota

e. 5 gifts you would like to receive

1. henpon canggih drp la nii...
2. sony vaio
3. purse*bota kate nk beli!!hehe*
4. hand bag
5. wedges/sandal

f. 5 favourite hobbies

1. chillin wit bota
2. blogging *depends on mood*
3. reading
4. cooking
5. mioww..mioww..!!

g. 5 places you want to go for vacation

1. vacation harus u berpoya2 kan??..haha so, New Zealand
2. Europe
3. Malaysia's island
4. Netherlands
5. Morocco

h. 5 favourite drinks

1. Tea
2. plain water
3. watermelon juice
4. coconut shake
5. ape2 laaa...

i. 5 things you always found in your room

1. bantal busuk
2. bunk
3. those bears
4. books
5. closets

j. 5 favourite clothes colour

1. white
2. red
3. pink
4. pastels
5. black

k. 5 favourite bands

1. backstreet boys
2. nsync
4. blue
5. the beatles

l. 5 favourite people

1. parent
2. family
3. bota
4. friends
5. tun mahathir

m. 5 hangouts

1. sungai binjai hehee..
2. pantai
3. m&m
4. rumahhh ajeer
5. kdai mee sup tmpt dating tegar! haha

n. 5 person you love so much

1. family
2. bota
4. them
5. u!..hehe

o. 5 reasons you answer this survey

1. munirah la ni bg...hehe
2. aku suke jwb survey :)
3. bosan
4. ade citer nk gtau kt blog tp mls nk upload gambau dr bia la dlu
5. tgu bota blk ngail

las nie keliru sikit. nak tag loser k winner?
xkire laa....loser..winner...ape2 pon we r 1 malaysia ritee..teheeee*tetibe

p. lastly, please tag 5 winner and not loser

1. tyah
2. x
3. kire
4. la
5. saper

(p/s:well actually i got some untold story to be published here....but since im too lazy plus sleepy, so here...survey from munirah's blog as requested! thnx :p )