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Monday, March 23, 2009

picture speaks better than words..

whn laziness strikes me..naah gmbr spnjng 6 hri xonl9..

one suitable word..kegedikan

found this stupidness 'umpan katak' yet cute!..i like!

ths hppnd b4 i tidy up those thingy..

then in order to take f6,every single nite..(whenvr i cnt sleep) ill try to understand ths pengajian am thingy..

at first i thought its all about bm essay or bm rule or whsevr...

but then, i was totally was divided into four section which is focused more on adminstration and civilization of gr8!

memperkembangkn dan mematangkan pemikiran..(owhh..ignore my handwriting..burok ble dh lme xmnlis..)

i bought 2 bungkus of laksa penang at warong nyamok only for ownself..(nafsu!)..really crave for it..and onl9..owhh my all-time favourite

KONTOT!..being caught red-handed!..brlakon je tu..sbb xmau ddk luar..

ni cm supan sket..pregnant cat

and last but not least...

my favourite pencil case!..go..go THE REDS!..

p/s:tomorrow gonna b my special day!..hari yang akn aku isikan dgn sgala mcm aktiviti..bgn awl dn smbhyng hjt smoga hari lahir kali ini lbh brmakna..!..insyaallah~

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