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Saturday, May 30, 2009

please take a note

ooppss!!!! seeems like the super wonder Rae not in the mood rite dont make her mess or ur finish..she will come back wth the NEW resolution of her NEW life.. she is facing with her BIGGEST FEAR rite now.. GO!! GO!! RAE!..


nurse my own wound..

seems like since zaman batu i didnt write anything...well still with the connection problem..
and now im online through the desktop with the dial-up connection..haha old school btl lah..
well rite now there is something annoy me!..dduuhh.. i cant and i hate face it.. ya ALLAH dktkan lah diriku dgn diriMU..! rse cm mau merantau jauh2...jauh2 drp semua org yang aku knl!!! plus.. aku smkn mmbenci some part of mine.. i really hate myself rite now!... oohh ALLAH i know U know i can face it but how?? please show me the rite way... ok there is some short listed about what i want rite now....
1- merantau jauh2 drp semua yang aku fmly+frens juz me and God..
2- turn back the time..!
3- the old parts of mine!...i miss the older raihan
4- miss my pingu!...kak ya... (im criuz ok..if u read thz dont b kmbang lah..haha)
5- miss my kak ikin... im counting the 28/6..
6- miss my buddies..korang wey aku xleh lupekan korang la...
7- miss my beach life..
8- buang thz tension!!!
9- miss my ain and farhan!
10- miss the laptop
11- wanna cry ok!..ooowhh my bad..

Ya ALLAH... please lead me to the best way!...aku xnk hanyut...
ok can i NANGIS now?????????..

p/s: the feelings really KILLING ME SOFTLY!...ya ALLAH please help ths servant of yours..
oowhh really hate this moment............why me huh?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

not in the mood at all

yeah last day of our orientation week..
not much to tell..there is something annoy me rite now..!..
duhh hate this.. one problem solved another one came out..
well this is life, aint easy as we expect it to be.

p/s:jerk Astro!..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

day [3] as a Pre-U student..

ok today is the third day of our orientation week..
its look like i cant transfer to SIS..when thinking back..never mine lah..

Dad went to PPD just now and the officer told him that its kind of a big lost if i transfer to SIS since my current school which is SMC or name galamernye TEPCES is a premier school. So if i did ill not be able to use all the facillities cz gov didnt provide them to SIS..

Well intelectually, yea he is rite..BIG LOST!
then ok lah ill stay..maybe my rezeki is here not there..
Now im really redha' with it..its not an obstacle but a big oppurtunity!..yeahh DON'T GIVE UP!!! Raihan move on!.. keep it up!..u r the best!!...

p/s: yo asked me along to go to smkbm this Sunday for the teacher's day celebration..owhh fren im the smkcian lah no longer mentokian..ive got my own responsiblility lah. I dont think mom will allow me to go there though.. (but actually i wanna go lah..haha)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day [2] as a pre-u student

Since we are still in the orientation week so there are lots of information and interesting programme be held..

so how it goes in day 2....
I went to school around 7.15am and straight to najwa's house to fetch her. I noticed that she's been a bit worried if in case i forget to fetch her first..huhu..its ok ill nvr brake my promises la..then we arrived around 7.40a.m and yeah we are late for the daily assembly..tak pe la kan,kitorang tak tahu pon. The in-charge teacher said that we should be here in 7.20a.m which i thought gile awal.. and one more thing the parking area is a bit far from the entrance gate. Adoii kurus tu berat la yeop!...then i went straight to the hall and i could see how the prefect and the teachers manage their coco assembly...well frankly i think my former school is better in managing our coco, daily or weekly assembly. When i saw the prefect gave his command personally he is not really good doing that to be compare to Naim which is our school's KP. Naim's voice really like a commando and i started to remember how was cegu Malaid, our coco teacher checked our line with his rotan..waahhh, i thought our school did worsts but then i realize we are amongst the best..cayalah!..bangge2!..tetibe la au rindu ngn SMKBM!

The first slot was by the school's chief counsellor..blh thn la..funny la..the thentative booklet said that he will expose us about the ipta and how muny pointer we should achive to pursue our studies there but im a bit dissapointed when he said its too early to be told..yeah maybe yes for certain person but not ME.. well its ok la..small matter though..

Then the GPK gave her speech. Yea i like her..she's looked so sporting and i like the way she delivering her speech in english..haha..i love english!..After that the GPK HEM took over..ok i like him too cz i used to listen to his speecheed during the maulidur rasul at my former school.

It was a recess time. Ok im a bit nervous cz i promised my mom,dad and sis to go to the school's office and ask them bout my transfer to how it goes...

Me: errmm..akak, blh x sy nk mintak borang pertukaran sekolah? ( actually i was like confiused whether she is an office worker or a teacher..)

Akak: awk kne pegi jmpe ustaz dlu.. (well she's not really looked friendly to me at all..)
Actually there is another two girl who hv the same intention as we enter the GPKHEM 's room. Well im a bit worried and started thinking what excuse should i give in case he ask me why i wanna change to SIS.. and yea it did happend..

Ustaz: Awk pulak kenapa nk tukar ke SIS? ( dah agk daa..adoi.. cuak gile plak..xpe chill beb)

Me: errr.. sy ade sedare kat sane, klo sy tkr sng sket nk pegi skolah..( aku mmg pndai reka2 criter nih)

Ustaz: Owhh.. awk tgl kat mne? ( aku sgaje xmentioned y ak tgl kat area Gong Pauh, so tht he will puzzling where's that place lg pon Gong Pauh besar but my neighbourhood not really closer to smc though)

Me: Sy tgl kat tmn mohd noor.

Fuhh no more question..thank GOD he treated us nicely..then the principal accidently ade kat c2 gak..gile cuak aku.die nmpk cam garang je.. i thought die nk mrh tp nsb baik x..she just said that the f6's transfer thingy are not under their management so if wanna do that we need to link to the JPN..duhh pulak dahh..

After that the next session was with the seniors..ok its kinda interesting we played mummy2 thingy and rebut kerusi then buat ala2 kotak beracun..yeahh..syok gak la..wlaupun simple. The seniors looks sporting and it not really a big deal for me to befriend with them cz most of them are from my school though. We ended our slot with the school song..duhh gile malas aku nk hapal! then slot dismissed...yay balik!..

p/s: Segala2nye y brlaku kat SMC ari ni mengingatkn aku pd my beloved former school SMKBM!.. dan its really make me appreciate my former school and i came to know that eventhough SMKBM is not a premier school as the SMC does but in certain things my former school is the still the best!!..


Monday, May 11, 2009

killing me softly

Criuzzly the transferring thingy really bother me!..arghhh!!.. really need the solution.. thnx GOD abah willing to help me. A week like a year!...

Frankly this problem not gonna happend if i did well last year.. sesal dahulu pendapatan sesal kemudian tdk brguna ... really got no mood at all..

Thinking of becoming a peguam syari'e... oohh celaru+cacamarba sgale info dlm hotak ni..need someone to fix it.. aku dh blur ngn cita2 aku... really feeling like to cry.. oohh ive got kesusateraan stream...i dont know lah...thinking of change it into geography and history.. its not that the malay literature aint interesting but learn those prosa klasik really can make me lentok all the time as i used to be whenever pn.ramlah told us to read it. and one thing i realize is im not really into the tatabahasa-person..i mean im too lazy to understand those rules of malay grammar jgn contohinya kerana anda org melayu... dilemma killing me softly!...

day [1] as a pre-u student

Started my day with curiousity and frankly i was like thinking about my first day after spm, yeahh..its holiday. Time passed very fast.It was like i just started my long holiday yesterday but today need to get ready for a new routine as a sudent. I went to smc at 0815a.m cz the registration was at 9a.m. After the registration the chantek-teacher said u can go anywhere u like but need to be here at 12...ok but as for me i felt like quite menyusahkan . But its ok la.. forgiven! haha..

Ok ill make it short. The first programme started exactly at the time. As i thought cegu Aziz was the one who took over..ok at first i was like terkejut cz the emcee said he is the school's counsellor(spell??) ...actually he is the former counsellor at SID and been worked there for ages so im a bit shocked when he been transfered here, well good in progression i guess.. owh and before that rmi cegu pre-u bg ceramah about this and that and of course the scholar thingy attracted me..haha..

The ice-breaking session was quite interesting, we need to nyanyi2 and intro ourselves but it was like living in hot pouch..panas siot!, yeah nowadays we cant really expect the weather..

The first day programme ended at 1410 p.m... and i cant wait to back home to re-fill my tummy frankly i didnt took my breakfast cz i was like lost my appetite..

Ok to be FRANK once again...i didnt really excited at all cz im hoping of transferring to SIS as soon as the learning session start next week. But now im feeling like BLUURR je and im quite scared to ask the teachers for the transferring process.. nanti ape plak die kate, bru msk dh nk tuka.. but really it bother me and i cant stand it for any longer.. tomorrow i need to go to the school office by hook or by crook!.. oohh God give me the strength..

p/s: i miss my precious time with the buddies at smkbm...korang rock!.. and sometimes im thinking whether i could get the same friends y gile2 yet chill je...can i??.. time will answer it~
do supporting me ok!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

at the end of the loooong holiday

ok its a long time since my last post...
mim alif lam sim attacking!..

first, ill be schooling back tomorrow..owwhh...frankly never thought ill be schooling i thought pre-u start around im not mentally WELL prepared schooling around may...but its ok cz i strt to feel the exitedness of become a pre-u student tomorrow...yeahh!..

Second, thnx yea my dear fellow friend RAIS cz ingat nk PULANGKAN balik jam aku tu...b4 u head to gambang tomorrow..(sory aku ter-SUMPAH kau tadi..haha2..! u deserved it~)

Third, poor my pu3..sory about ur baju mom will do her best..u will wear it in couples of week (kot..)..

Fourth, oowhh cuti ended with joy!,sis,bro headed to megamall yesterday and we played bowling for two hours i guess...sis still cant beated my big bro so she treated our lunch. ok aku mngaku aku KALAH but i DON'T CARE at i get new school's attire plus new NIKE bag! siot..haha.btw..thnx to my sis...i lov u!..and i promise to perform my best this time..INSYAALLAH~

Fifth, ill miss all my buddies..pu3,fidah,mira,mizah,lina,rais as they r going to further their studies at gambang and johore matriculation collegue tomorrow..chaoyook guys ill pray 4 ur remember me ok..(except 4 RAIS, aku xheran mu lupe aku pon..haha!)

Sixth, im looking for a new LIVERPOOL pencil case cz mine is going to hancow already..i need the xtra size ok..!(ok..ok need to control my red madness)..

Seventh, need new visor for my helmet...anyone???..haha~

Eight, my Steven Gerrard (stand for my red legend motorcycle ye..) needs new cover set..i still want the same colour yet different style...bro?? xnk sponsor k?..ngehs5!

Ninth, still not ironing my school's attire yet!..cik tyah xnk tlg??..dapat pahale tau.~

Tenth, fall in love with ths CUTE+HANDSOME+MACHO+STYLISH guy...LAH AHMAD.. criuz sore die best..merdu..ok i know ure taken but if u read this CALL ME DUDE!..ahaks..

p/s: ill be bz for the whole week..need to re-scheduled everythings!...oowhh im eighteen!.. dh bole kawin daa...ngesh5!.. ok please take a note that im not going to call my form six as 'school' but ill be call it as 'PRE-U'..yaa..its the facts..huhu!
ok last but not least...happy mothers day to my MOM RUSENAINI IBRAHIM ure the bestt mom ever and i will always love u more than u love me till my last breath!..and happy sweet sixth bday to my niece NURUL AIN mak su will oweyz pray for ur success and i hope u perform ur best in ur entrance xam...use ur intelligence well! lastly..limit ur gedikss.. ye..haha..jgn marah..