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Thursday, March 26, 2009

5,5,5...[sy diTAG!]

5 hadiah yang anda impikan ;

sdh lme sy impikan sony vaio wine red ni ye

klo blh sy mukan wane red wine gak

sdh lama dlm simpanan doc sy! mau..sesuai utk beginner cm sy

spaye lbh thrill klo sy tgk THE REDS vs REDS DEVIL

dulu bapakku pnh buke peluang keemasan utk sy belu jam elle tp dh sng ati sy tolak dn plh adidas..dan sekarang sy menyesal..(oohh dlu sy xnk style sy nmpk girlish)

5 alasan terhadap pilihan tersebut;

1-sofistikated! mmg sesuai utk sy..ibarat nye kau tercipta utkku..(ini bkn meniru cik tyah dn sony vaio mmg kegilaan msa kini..haha)
2-nmpk simple dn elegan..huhu...jn dh kate mnde2 cmni sesuai utk sy..!(jgn mrh y e cik tyah!..ngeh3)
3-olh krane slh satu impian sy nk jd part time photoghrapher atau mgkn sy bkl joirnalist so kamera ni mmg mnjdi kemahuan sy!
4-sy ni kaki tv..jd mhu kepuasan menonton..(tp bkn utk tgh hagemaru mcm cik tyah ye..eii buat malu j..huhu)
5-sy mnghargai waktu!..beli jam mmg kegilaan sy dsmping beli beg..( sdh byk koleksi beg..dlu sy boyish so byk beg gaya boyish,tp skrg sy mhu jd girlish..ngeh3)

5 impresi terhadap orang yang diminati;

1-hari2 pon mau tgk!!!..
2-obses ngn style rambot ..(erkk..cik tyah mnt y xde botak la ye??..hehe)
3-ape lg ye??..spt kate cik xde org y y meminati sy ade..ngeh^ngeh^ngeh^..
4.haaa..msti kne tgk gg die..pembersih k x!..
5-tu je xarif bab2 ni..(ye ke??..hehe)

5 perkara hebat yang pernah dilakukan;

1-xperimn sedut rokok!(hebat k?)..haha TWICE plk tu..dlu la..dh lame bnci smokers!..(hormon adrenalin sy xberfungsi klo ade asap rokok..klo abah y isap rse nk MARAH!)
2-kayak di perairan langkawi! rse takot tp bangga!!(rindu batch ALTAIR!)
3-meyakinkan encik anuar zain..(btl la nme cg sy anuar bin zain)utk menyokong sy msk f6..!..(die xnk sy msk f6 memule)
4-join jungle trekking dan sesat dlm hutan hampir 6 jam!..aku xheran cme lapar siot!..last2 jmpe j jln..silap bce compass..ape daa~
5-berjaya mengatasi kegagalan diri!..(perkara ini mmg mngjr sy spya usaha lbh gigih dan jgn putus asa!)

5 ciptaan paling dikagumi(tidak semestinya melibatkan teknologi)

1-manusia!..sesungguhnya ALLAH MAHA BIJAKSANA!
2-the universe! xpnh minat jd angkasawan tp sy mau tau psl BIG BANG dn BLACK HOLE!..
3-air..macam mna blh terbentuknya air drp segi fizikal!
4-keluarga (bkn cik tyah sorang je ade family...tau) ketidaksempurnaan keluarga sy membuatkan keluarga saya sempurna!
5-bangunan purba...camne diorang buat collesium..piramid..pisa..etc2..(sy jmpe cg sej sy td dkt kdi potostet..die tye nk buat pe?? kte la nk beli mesin..ngeh3!..die mmg slalu kene ngn sy)

5 perkara yang paling dibenci;

1-mne2 lelaki y over demand! mmg hell benci tau..ingt dri bgos sgt!
2-tandas kotor-ya rabbi cam ne aku nk melabor ni..(teringat ayt pu3 ble kmi buat trip k tndas..huahuahua)
3-tenet conn tersekat-sekat..mmg menyusahkan..mcm skrng ni,aku nk isi borang pon tergendala!
4-unknown number-tolol btl.xnk perkenal kn diri! pehal..xkose aku nk layan mnghbiskan crdt je..
5-couple y xtau dose+phale..ske ati bpk tiri laki mak die j nk men rabe2,pgg2,ciom2..dh la tu..lg rmi y xsng lg lama la rabaan mereka..(hah adakah ayat sy berbaur 18??..xpe sy dh cukop umo.. tp cik tyah x..haha)

5 orang yang hendak ditag;
sy baik hati..xske tag org...lg pn sy dh disabled right click,so ssh kamu mau copy+paste..biar la sy ditag shj....(cik tyah xpercaye sy baek ati..mmg pn sy ni baek tau!)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

im 8teen.....!!

What can i say..its my birthday..I was born eighteen years ago on March 24 1991..huhu..just love this here is the birthday video i found at youtube..

so i received many sms today and last week..haha..(aci k??..xpe asl ingt..)..thnx afiq for being the first..i nvr expect u rmmbr my bdy cz dont evn rmmbr yours..ngeh3(aku jahat,tp aku ingt u ws born in january ritee..??)then rafidah,tna..ha cik itiyah seb baik beliau ingt klo x sy tag kamu..(letih la tu konon..scholar tu kongsi2 tau hhuuu..)rmi la...everyone..thnx a MILLION!..and the best part is nas came to my houze just now to send the bdy gifts!..yay~

the cake and the card!

cayalah nas..kek ni best..kkk aku pon curi..huhu

another view..

and the froggy!!..

omg! froggy is my obsession!

And last but not least thnx to MOM cz eighteen years ago you was lots in pain between life and death to give birth. also to dad for everything that u do and did to me until i am who i am today..i will never be able to repay all sort of things that mom and dad did to me..! bday resolution??..yeah i wanna b a better person! hard yet smart and get into edinburgh..!

p/s:have u read the paper today??..based from the experiment from the expert,IVF or invitro fertilisation method may gives you a baby but the baby may suffer from dissabilities ..uhu..i didnt know that actually..well renung2 kan..
(saya menunggu hadiah drp cik itiyah huhu..xsabar!)

till my next post...daaa..~

Monday, March 23, 2009

picture speaks better than words..

whn laziness strikes me..naah gmbr spnjng 6 hri xonl9..

one suitable word..kegedikan

found this stupidness 'umpan katak' yet cute!..i like!

ths hppnd b4 i tidy up those thingy..

then in order to take f6,every single nite..(whenvr i cnt sleep) ill try to understand ths pengajian am thingy..

at first i thought its all about bm essay or bm rule or whsevr...

but then, i was totally was divided into four section which is focused more on adminstration and civilization of gr8!

memperkembangkn dan mematangkan pemikiran..(owhh..ignore my handwriting..burok ble dh lme xmnlis..)

i bought 2 bungkus of laksa penang at warong nyamok only for ownself..(nafsu!)..really crave for it..and onl9..owhh my all-time favourite

KONTOT!..being caught red-handed!..brlakon je tu..sbb xmau ddk luar..

ni cm supan sket..pregnant cat

and last but not least...

my favourite pencil case!..go..go THE REDS!..

p/s:tomorrow gonna b my special day!..hari yang akn aku isikan dgn sgala mcm aktiviti..bgn awl dn smbhyng hjt smoga hari lahir kali ini lbh brmakna..!..insyaallah~

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

new bestfriend in da houze

Yesterday sis and i went to mpk for her netball friendly match,as she is the team's manager so need to give big support.When enter the hall i was just like..'rindula kenangan lame mse ade school function kt cni..alahai..' and 'rindula nk main netball!!..any place 4 me, pleze??' but for sure la kan i cant play for this team..xde sangkot paot..huuhu~ im the outsider..huuhu..then sis mau jumpe tokey bsr kat bumiputera commerce..mau cocok2..hek2..dh terlanjur kat c2,we stop at the guardian bought some stuff and took the facial wash. Then sis asked.."bile nk buat spec?.."..i said.."whenevr u free la.."..kebatulan again,the england optical is just 2 shops away from the guardian then trs mask la..huhu..the process didnt took so long. I found the perfect match for me..(well i guess..)..sis said ill look more femenin with it..(haha mau blj mnjdi lbh femenine..) so i decided to choose that one..worth for..??..haha let it b a secret..sis paid for me..thnx!..(dh 2 thn ngn spec lame) this is my new spec~

so how do i looks like??..

still look chubby huh??..

okeh here is the credits for..

but still this spec is my fav one!

make me energetic!..

my new transformation towards femenine..huhu~

SENGAL LA PLAK..adehh..!

p/s:ok mybe my feminine thingy works in my attire..but my bahavior?..haha kinda hard to be transform to lemah-gemalai thingy..really not my type cz im the kasar one..huhu..i could b in both boyish and girlish..intelectually, just love the way i am!..^_^

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

new resolution..

well spm really taught me a i decided to further my study in form 6.The thing is im gonna learn in the different field. I used to study in sc stream for past 2 years in secondary school and it is just not my luck to succeded well,then i took a decision to be in the sc social class which is most with my passions and interest. Maybe im goona be a potitical analysis ..or a psychologyst or a lecturer in antrophology..or maybe bla..bla..huhuu..not decide yet..mybe soon.
so the important thing is im gonna usha2 all sorts of f6 thingy especially the subject b4 the form 6 start..well dreaming about taking history and economy as one of my stpm subject..(boleh ke??..harhar)..
as i said in my previous post...things happend 4 a reasons..yeah..again the spm thingy really give me a high impact in my passions..and the most important thing is my ambition gonna change!..actually most goes to my ambition my dream and my passions,98% is about humanities so not really a big deal huh??..
and now im thinking about read the pengajian am my first step!..

p/s:sorry my fellow readers, i do hv lots of things to share with but still not really in the mood as the video that im trying to upload isnt works at all..damn! and the worst thing is i become nocturnal..duhh..3 weeks life without exercise..but the diet still working..~ last words for today..pray 4 my success!

Friday, March 13, 2009


no mood to write at all..
lots of stories, but my finger refused to tell ya
i ended up my day wt new resolution and i just start my day with tears..

p/s:ending of KAMI, really SAD!..abu died..haha thats y the tears thingy hppnd~:p

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

12 MAC 2009!

Memang tarikh keramat!..
semua calon pon msti gabra TERMASUK aku skali..!..
seminggu sblm tarikh 12 mac aku xsenang dudok...hari2 dok pk psl result..
bukan ape kan cume takut xdapat seperti yang diharapkan..
kadang2 menangis sendiri..secara jujurnya mmg aku takut sangat nk tau keputusan aku memandangkan mase jwb soklan ari tu pon xselancar org lain terutama math..(aku mmg math loser..haha) semua kate senang tp sebaliknya bg aku...xcukop mase!! ..cita2 aku nk jadi vet..jadi spm ni mmg membawa harapan besar pd aku utk meneruskan lg dlm bidang ape y brlaku waktu spm dulu bnr2 buat aku risau..risau kiranya aku xberjaya nk meneruskan hasratku di bdg vet..

TAPI, setelah mndpat nasihat dan motivasi drp keluarga, aku mula bangkit dan sedar..!..sedar drp ketakutan dgn bayang2 yang manjdi ilusi aku sendiri.
Tidak kira apa pun keputusan yang bakal aku terima pada hari esok akn aku laluinya dengan penuh keyakinan dan optimis!...terima segala qada' dan qadar yang ditentukan oleh ALLAH..sesungguhnya Allah sedang menguji aku kerana DIA sygkn aku dn xmahu aku hanyut dan tenggelam dalam fantasi sendiri. Kiranya keputusan esk tdk membawaku kearah mnjadi seorang vet, aku redha..akn aku terima..kerana setelah berfikir rezeki itu datang drp ALLAH. Mungkn aku xsedar peluang lain yang terbuka lebih sesuai dgn diri dan pemikiranku..mungkin vet bukan bidang ku...siapa tahu suatu hari nanti aku bakal mnjadi seorang tokoh pemikir..penganalisis politik atau seorang duta ke negara asing??..tiada sesiapa yang tahu..kerana ALLAH shj yang tahu!..

Setelah bermunajat kepada ALLAH,...Dia telah membuka pintu hatiku untuk menjadikan aku seorang yang lbh optimis,redha dan yakin dgn keputusan yang bakal aku terima esk kerana apa yang berlaku bukanlah pengakhiran ceritaku, malah episod baru bagi sebuah kejayaan yang hakiki buat diriku!!

rakan2 seperjuangan...aku doakan semoga korang berjaya..doakan aku skali..
[menunggu esk dgn perasaan xcited la plak..hehe~]

Monday, March 9, 2009

me and my yesterday..bla..bla..

my yesterday goes smooth and cleann..ahak even need to accompany sis for her tudong shopping..huh! bowsan siot..dh jmpe y tu nk y ni plk..dh dpt y ni nk plh len plk..haha anyway still enjoy blh gak jln2..and the thing is ade la sorang mamat jual tudong ni..friendly la sgt...bagos tp terlalu friendly just make me felt jerk!..myb feelings aku la dh la ngantok j its ok ..forgiven!..

nite,sis treated us pizza...hawaian tuna which is i dont like and royal masala yeah lyke it! chiken wings tht i cnt eat at all and breadstik yeahh!,my another sis also cooked char kuew teow for the dinner b4 she start her k??
ahah..sis bought tshirt frm hat they are~

which one should i choose??..

finally..i choose this of angels??..heh~wutever..

she also bought LOTS of kerepek which is lead me to exercise more to burn all the calories..LOL!
wut else??..owh did u know the new brand series of Merlin??.. yeahh just love to watch it!..i dont like it at first but then..looks like im falling in love with the prince!..haha..LOL!..tak kenal maka tak cinta!

last but not least..the smarter way to wasting my yesterday was by watching this lapok 8tv drama..
KAMI..huuuu..dlu kn nk spm so jrg tgk la..


Sunday, March 8, 2009

another fuss post??

ok it's already 11:48 that i consider as midnite cz im not really a nocturnal person since realize that im gonna sat for spm back a year ago. So i started to set up my own schedule which is i need to sleep at least not late than 1130 pm and woke up at least at 5 am..(kdg2 trbabas jugak..)and now im hell proud and love tht i am a morning person but i made an exception for the xam weeks..(dont b like me..last minute study)..slept when the clock was 3 am and woke up at 6 or 630..and for sure caffein is my best friend..

deep in my heart im counting ths march 12...owhh hw im gonna face it?? idea btw~
sleepy yet failure to close my eyes...whenever i close it,my heart start beating faster...gimme more motivation pls!

p/s:thnx to my beloved sis y die declaire as the cutest..thn 4 ur motivation..hah im get into nocturnal!..

Saturday, March 7, 2009

cinta tu mcm nasik ke???

seperti yang diminta oleh cik itriah y comel (haha...)...
cik itriah meminta sy memberi feedback psl ksh yang penah beliau criter kat sy xlame dlu. waktu tu utk pengetahuan semua adalah musim cuti sbb beliau ni skolah kat sbp*tut*..sensored yeaa..ini bg melindungi sensitiviti pengetua,guru2 dan pelajarnya juga..ngeh2!
dipendekkan criter..sorang awek ni pnh membandingkan cinta dan nasik..katenye..
"awk nk nasik awk cari x??.." lbh kurang la..aku xtau gak cz aku bkn ade kat c2 pn

so mksdnye cam klo nk cinta kena la cari mcm kite lapar kite msti cari nasik..

well aku...xsetuju mne plak sesenang bapak tiri laki mak die je nk same kan cinta yang tulus lagi suci tu dgn nasik!..(xpatot2!)

wahai si awek y bjk pandai...nasi tu dtg drp beras kan??..beras tu bersepah jual kat kedai kan??.. cinta tu dtg drp mne?? ade ke jual kat kedai?? lu pk la sdiri!!..
tu klo nk banding antara nasik ngn cinta la kan..
tapi satu soklan...apehal nk sgt tegakkan mnde tu? spm pn xlg..(ni waktu tu la kan..)
benar cinta itu perlu dan kita perlu ada cinta, tp cinta pd siapa?? itu y sepatunya ditegakkan...bkn begitu??..slh ke kami ni xde pakwe..xkan..~

p/s:6t klo nk bercinta pn myb pas kahwin..(haha)nk kawin bile?? ntah..smpi jdh on je aku..(ngeh3)dan satu agi aku xnk bercinta utk mempermain-mainkan dan dipermain-mainkan! kuatkah aku utk mengharunginya??..ermm tepuk roh tanya la iman!
(emoticon y cute drp cik itiyah!..haha~)

perturbation and complication..

yeah and its mixing together bocome a strong bond
yes! im counting the results-gonna-out-day..
4 days to go..
and im hell nervous!!

mom asked me couples days ago.."dont you feel anything about this march 12?"..
then i replied.."why, u wanna see me cry?"..i leave mom a question instead told her the answer..
owhh to be frank, i do looks as usual as im acted every single day but deep in my heart nervous,freaky,afraid,sad,curiousity..etc..etc was mixed together like u blend the sambal belacan..and for addition to be honest, 98% i was thinking about my bad result-gonna-be!..if it really how am i going to face with all the people around me??..teachers for not saying that my parents will be ok with it cz for sure they will upset too, but at least my parents know me well instead of my teachers...
seriously i do hate when people ask me about this march 12..yeah im excited but there is no need for me to show my excitedness to the world like im going to get 9 1A..

am i going to be like this??
yeah i got it!!

or to be like this??
owhh i found failure..


p/s:for kak ya if u read this(yeaa especially)and also my fellow readers..please motivate me!..i know this 12 march is not the end of my life but i still need some strength from you!!..

Thursday, March 5, 2009

freaky bloody finger!

ni xde keje nak buat la..~errmm hari ni mcm bese la weekend!!..(not a big deal at all since im always in holidy..) i cooked "labu msk lada hitam" just now and yummy la kot..huhuh..the thing is..while cutting the pumpkin (omg keras mcm batu!) disaster happend..!!..i accidently cut my own finger! that moment i was just like "aoow....!!" first it was hell hurt!..but then ok la xsakit pon..but the wound was bloody hell mcm kne tembak je..but dont worry the pumpkin was free frm my blood is safe to be eaten~..
ni dh kering daa kot..i need gamat!..where is the gamat ha??

p/s:teringat citer kaler htm pth tu...raja bersiung y trmkn darah..haha lame dh xtgk!..
owh sis is here btw..just arrived~

cik itiyah y mengade!..tag la byk2 ye~

1. pernah tertidur di bilik darjah?
aah penah..mmg lentok abis la..huhu

3. pernah termuntah dalam kenderaan?
oohh itu dulu la..skrg xlg~

4. pernah pukul kawan?
hehe..selalu itriah yg kene..muahaha

5. pernah menampar kawan anda?
bnyk pngalaman....
yeah first and last..sname die solehan..pas2 tobat dh cuak gile..huhu

6. pernah merokok?
secara jujurnya sy pnh mencuba..twice!..mse kecik dlu la..

7. pernah mabuk tak?
mabok ape???byk jenis o...(aah btl kte cik tyah)

8. pernah naik gajah?
x tp sgt berminat utk mncuba..!!

9. pernah tak rasa macam nak mati?
aah mse merentas desa..gile btl!!

10. pernah alami deja vu (mimpi yg terjadi di alam realiti)?
siries! penah..dn byk kali!..huhu

11. pernah bermain dengan api?
hari2 pn bermain ngn api..haha

12. pernah menangis di tempat awam?
suatu mase dahulu..

13. pernah melepas di bilik darjah atau kuliah?
td sy tersilap bace soklan ni..melepas??..owhh kate cik tyah..xBERMORAL!

14. pernah jatuh basikal?
parutnya msh ade nk tgk??..haha

15. pernah ada kupu-kupu dalam perut?
bese sgt ar....(pelik nye cik tyah..arimau ade la)

16. pernah rindu seseorang itu teramat sangat tak?
tak penah lagi kot.....
hah~!ade satu!!!
weweweweweee~~(dh pandai ek cik tyah rhsie2..)

17. lepas apa-apa show atau event, pernah pengsan?
tringin ugak n ak rase camane rase pengsan tu...
sgt ajaib~!!!!
sy kagum!(ye sy stuju ngn cik tyah!)

18. pernah dilempar batu-batan?
haha..kecik2 dlu aku cool j..haha

19. pernah ada lada sulah dalam mata?
x..biji lada ade..duh gile cm nk mati jugak rse..

20. pernah ada suprise bithday party?
21. pernah diet tak?
sedang berdiet la ni..

25. pernah naik lif dengan orang bau badan yg busuk?
stakat ni xkot..

26. pernah marah sampai rasa nak bunuh orang?
siries pnh! seb baik iman ku kuat..wahaha

27. pernah putus cinta dengan kehadiran orang ketiga?
aku lah org ketiga!..haha mne ade la

28. pernah cuba nak bunuh diri?
xpnh terdetik!

29. pernah cabar guru atau lecturer?
aah cegu cabar kot len la bkn bb blaja ni..rindu sama cegu la!

30. pernah hilang telefon bimbit?
xkot sy ni hemat org nye..muahahaa~

32. pernah diberitahu anda comel?
aisehhh malu plk..xrmi pon ade la 8,9,10 kampit y bg tau..

33. pernah ada orang crush dengan anda?
xtau plk klo ade..haha sy xde diskaun..take it or leave it..haha!

34. pernah terus-terang perasaan anda?
perasaan ape itu??..hehe

35. pernah babitkan diri dalam musibah?
cam cik tyah ckp la..

36. pernah berbohong pada ibu bapa?
bohong sunat!..haha ade ke~

39. tag 4 orang yg anda suka.
sy tag kamu y bace ni la..!

always thinking about the suitable title~

oke...enough with the layout problem..ermm this layout??..i do satisfy it..looks simple, messy2 rite?..huh sakit blakang den dok adjust2 ni..bkn sonang tau..

btw..sis left us for her trip to hat yai,and i already miss her. No one to talk to but mom. Dad?..he left to KL..owhh the thing is im damn bored, considering about watching movie after this or maybe finish up reading the novel..owhh how dull my life nowadays~ andd owwhh (again) my another sis gonna home tomorrow. She break for 5 days i guess and decided to back home,well last time we met was 2 month ago..the day that mom and dad home from their hajj.Talking about my sister..i miss my another one sister. She stay at Bintulu and rarely coming home, well need to sv her budget la and the plane ticket was quite expensive for a student like her besides she loves saving btw~ huhu..
the maroon eh?? for her trip

oohoo..credits to me for being taller than her..jgn mrh

the skinny one..ppl tend to call us as a friend rather than a sister..huhu she still in the bus iguess..

Couple days ago i attended a barbeque at mira's of my bff..well kinda enjoy btw cz we didnt make up for a long period i guess..well everybody bz with the licence thingy but me..~huhu..ermmm i ate the pandan cake and it is damn yummy..but didnt ate to much cz im in diet...and the best thing is i lost 3 kilos...waahh an achievement after more than 2 weeks im dieting and a month with regular worth!..after that..karaoke..well aku dengaq ja no..xnyanyi..huhu~here is the pic..

p/s:Im obviously miss my school time..5 sc gangs are rockks! ya..and for nas..if u read this..u need to sing a special song for me like what naim did..(huhu bengong btl nyanyi lagu azura utk aku..btw thnx ya naim!) cz i hv uploaded ur photos like u told me to..ermm tina..i know u will not b able to read this but i'd like to say that i miss u..!(ak takot tokey cina tu mrh lak klo aku kaco mu keje..huhu)..

till my next post..tata~