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Sunday, March 8, 2009

another fuss post??

ok it's already 11:48 that i consider as midnite cz im not really a nocturnal person since realize that im gonna sat for spm back a year ago. So i started to set up my own schedule which is i need to sleep at least not late than 1130 pm and woke up at least at 5 am..(kdg2 trbabas jugak..)and now im hell proud and love tht i am a morning person but i made an exception for the xam weeks..(dont b like me..last minute study)..slept when the clock was 3 am and woke up at 6 or 630..and for sure caffein is my best friend..

deep in my heart im counting ths march 12...owhh hw im gonna face it?? idea btw~
sleepy yet failure to close my eyes...whenever i close it,my heart start beating faster...gimme more motivation pls!

p/s:thnx to my beloved sis y die declaire as the cutest..thn 4 ur motivation..hah im get into nocturnal!..

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