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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Things happend for a Reasons

ooo yea things really happend for a reasons. I did love to use thiz phrase whenever teacher Rabi'ah asked me to did a narrative. Talked about narrative, i used to be in dilemma couples month before the spm. Am i good in making a story??..hell ya if only if in Malay but in English, it really mess me up! i need at least 2 hours just to finish 2 page it means 1 hour for 1 page..wut da hekk!!. Back to my very-bad-english-year..started from standard 1 till 5 i only got 40,41,42,43 means grade C in my every monthly test. Teringat kate teacher Ju, my former teacher while in skbmII, "markah raihan maintain tp macang bobok dlm air,kalu dok jenjek lemah lalu"(trg ancient) means me,whether floating still or drowning. Frankly speaking, i really dont know how to study english even my grammar?? bloody hell!..The day when she enter our class and taught us about grammar with her beautiful hand writing on the blackboard..i was like "mandape la yg tecer ni ngajo,sute habok pn aku dop pahang"means i didnt manage to grasp it even did;do...can u believe that??..really happend to me and i never thought it was really..really important like acting as a brain in our body. Until in standard 6 im started to realise..realise from the big mistakes. So thnx a million to my bestie, Itriah. She taught me grammar and i started to achieved grade B. THANKFULLY. Kate org bg betis nak peha, same goes with me. I want A for my UPSR but Allah itu MAHA BESAR LAGI MAHA MENGETAHUI. ALLAH(rather to pronounced as ALLAH not HIM cz ALLAH neither guy nor women) didnt gv it to me cz B is more thn enough!..then things really happend for a reasons. Bcz i got B so i struggled for an A in PMR. Thankfully again..i saw an A for english in my slip yet D for math well dont really care about math actually. I really satisfied!. Then i got A1 for my first eng xam in f4. really unexpected..but then im juz playing around B3,B4. duuh! hoping for an A1 (actually A1,A2 doesnt mttr..)in this SPM RESULT. and lastly i did answer the narrative one, yeah thnx a MILLION to teacher Rabi'ah for your tips!..if u read this, dont get mad cz im not using a proper english..well ill try my best! u just wait till the time i will come to c u and we will talk to each other with my superb-gonna-be english!..

love+like+miss=Teacher Rabi'ah!

Well guys, this blog is kind of practice for me to become more any mistakes?? don't hesitate to reprove me~

till then daa..:)

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