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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Take a nap dude!

aha...lets take a nap with me, previewing some of my fav dramas and films, yeah!~

The first drama is...jeng3~

BEREK TV3~eheks! wht can i say thz drama is funny.I've watch 3 out of 4 episode that been showed.I miss the first episode cz i thought this drama is totally boring. Benarlah kate orang
x kenal maka x cinta.Well love this drama for a reason..aha Keifli sgt cute. Cute with his girly character wlaupun xbrape mnjd but still orite la..ok thiz 13 episode(if not my mistakes la)drama is now showing only on tv3 11am-12am every thursday. Everyone hv tv3 rite??..It is a story about a group of police wives with diff characters..ala desprete housewives they really annoys their laki la..hehe

ok next is..

Mertua vs Menantu..another comedy yet lesson drama. Erra Fazira, the main actress really cool with her natural looks and i juz love it. Well done Raja Farah cz ur acting eeww..really make me jerk enough. Well it is about.."when the mummy's boy get married"..On air every wednesday 10pm-11pm at AstroPrima.aha tgk jgn xtgk~!

Third one..

Cinta Gila is brand new series in AstroPrima.Quite awesome la~..mmg lawak (well i love lawak2 ni)This drama is about a couple of step-siblings y always fight in what ever it is. Y buat aku xthn tu..waahh hensem nye keter2 yang diorang ni pki. Si prm pki merc, lelaki plk pki bmw..bertuah la korang wlupn berlakon tp ade can gak bwk keter superb g2. Ok this drama u can simply watch it every Tuesday 9pm (kot) tetibe not sure plk..

English drama..

mr HOUSE! This awesome cool guy is mine!..haha i mean his brain is mine!..i watch it in AXN..not sure the timing cz aku redah j pkl bpe pn tgk..ahakss!~..xperlu citer lebey2 korang dh tau kan!


Well im not a movieholic. But since it won 8 oscar so i juz wanna c how far the qualities it is. Well, the word slumdog means anjing setinggan (if not my mistake la) became a hot issue in India. How come the director called them slum'dog'??..Mereka y terpaksa mkn cili tu mmg terasa la sgt2 pedasnye..huh..yea they hv been insulted. Ok..this story is about 2 slumdog siblings n ade sangkot ngn rancangan 'who wants to b a milionare'..ermm..well korang search sendiri la ye..~haha..

Terase cam promote plak ek..

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