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Monday, February 23, 2009



4 days not online got so many things to share
unfortunately the ideas was dissapeared like u flush the feaces away to the tank.ehekz!~ ok where to start??..saturday would b cool rite? was kinda gloomy. i woke up a bitlate and it makes me sleepy all the day. Nothing much happend except the boredom strikes.Sleepy yet cant sleep!..owhh really tortured me~ but at last aku tido jugak!...then..everythings working ok!..

Sunday,another new chapter begun. Owhh..sekejap j rse. Almost 2 month plus plus spm is over. Miss my school and the buddies! Woke up very early lah...5.50a.m.. siap2 and pegi joging. aha~ smakin rajin.. But that sunday was not really a happy sunday. uuhh..laziness No laptop so cant online. Just watching the movies,talking alone,singing-singing and around 5 pm im having a chat with iffah, the old school mate live next door. Her mom gave me that kuih..i lupe name nye..alzheimer's attack me LOLz!! kate nye to celebrate my outing day..huhuuu..ok2 whtever lahh jnji enjoy..we chat about the upu 2nd phase and she asked me my plan beyond. Got 2 option either upm or form 6. Matriks?..nope im not going there..ask me if u wanna know. And owhh b4 i forget.. did u guys receive the spm sms??..the result gonna out this 12 march,last day before sem break (east region). It really annoys me ok!

Monday is another lazinessday. No joging cz i damn sleepy!..omg im started to skip my exercise and ate a lots! ahh aku berjaya menipu perut,mkn byk tp mkn sayo. Another boringness day. Nite, accompany sis to her office..waahh OT nmpk??..hehe~ what can i say damn boring, luckly i bring my mp3. Owhh im getting insane. At last we back home around 10.30++..

Todaywoke up aroud 6.09..really mau tdo blk tp kuatkan smngt..smpn tmpt tido..mandi..ehh awl la plk..xpe2 pegi awl blk awl..hehe..~ nothing interesting today kot. Just like ordinary day. Laptop is in da me online while watching the ulangan raja pe..!..

live ur life and forget ur age..ahaks!

aha thz gr8!

till my next post..daa..

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