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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Little Girl,Big Heart

Last Monday i read about this 8-years-old little girl at the newspaper.

Perhaps she looks nothing but i never thought she would standing in the eyes of the world like today! and frankly speaking, im damn adore this girl.Lets read thru this article~

Nojud Mohammed Ali was awarded a divorce after being married only a few months. When the divorce was granted in 2008 she was eight years old and in a marriage arranged by her father to a twenty-eight year old man. Both men claimed that she consented to the marriage. The girl resided in Yemen, which is one of a few countries that have no age limit set on marriages arranged by families. Nojud Mohammed Ali indicated that she would be returning to school following her court victory. At the time of the marriage she was in the second grade.Article

What can i say..she is totally the brave one..cayalah!

Well im hoping to be a damn brave person just like u..voice out my wordsss..!~

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