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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If i were a super-milionare..

day Dreaming time!!! ahaks..oke lets take a look what im gonna buy if were a super-milionare..

This Aprilia RS125 red edition ..kasi gempak g2!..yea seriously im falling in love with u in our first met last saturday..(dlm newspaper..hehe). Oke what should i call u? a bout Rossi la..yea Rossi cz u're Velentino Rossi's first ride and u help him to win! The price??..if not my mistaken..worth for RM22,+++. the super-milionare so money..not a big deal laah.

oowhh my crush..i call him darling..hohoo.. i lov this BMW 3 SERIES Price??..not so sure..around RM800,+++.

How about my shelter??

Well im gonna built a mansion based from the europian castle architecture with a serenly-green atmosphere. It must b located far away from the hectic life of city. The interior design must be modern contemporary yet classical at a certain part. It would be completed with the high technologies just like Bill Gate's home. Aha i'd love to have a stable at the backyard and also the mini zoo??..English-style garden would b the perfect choice cz Bali-style would make it a bit messy. And of course i want a big private library..hehe~..oke what else?? any suggestion??..owwhh secret garden like terabitha..haha..hanya org tertentu y tau..waahh~! terlebih suda..

All this would b happend if i were a damn superb-millionare and love to wasting.. Lamo-lamo bule pokai den ni aaa..! Till my next post..daaa..

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