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Friday, February 20, 2009

Post of today

Pheww~~! its being a week i didnt write any post. Really got no mood to story-story la. Frankly speaking im not so sure wht ive done wt thiz week except thinkin about dieting.
Well mybe the whole week was created juz to make me sit back and think again wut ive done with my weight..goossh my weight increased 6kg since spm is over.
And now im still working so hard to get my ideal kilos back..seriously i jog 1km a day and 30 min at the public gym for 5 times a week
plus with the healthy diet(i guess)still aku xpuas ati. But i think ive screwd up my diet a bit today..oohh..
ermm..ooww b4 i forget, i wanna thnx thz person 4 the pinky cutie bunny tht thz person gave me(aku disuroh jgn bg tau name.oke2 i won't)
n me also kinda happy la today cz my cutie2 cuzie come to our house..hehe..she make my kitty is the photos of today..

oww pinky cutie bunny

cuzie in d houze

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