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Friday, February 6, 2009

A Journey to Our Childhood...

Not much to tell.We're back to our childhood era..This small bridge looks meaningless but bring us back to our colourful world. Yeah!!.. it meant so much to us(me and my 3 abg 4 kkk).I was born here,growing up here and livin wit a happy life here.For outsider, this small bridge bring us to the big ocean,big adventure.Those who coward.. r not welcome here!Situated at Kuala Abang one of the breathtaking district in Dungun.Our home was located at the seaside and almost everyday ill be here,spent my time with mak and ayah(sob3..miss my nanny)working as a fisherman.Well im juz 1 to 3 years old at that time so most of the memories was forgetten beneath!..One thing ill never forget are I USED TO LIVE HERE AND I MISS THAT MOMENT DAMN MUCH! yeahh aku bangga membesar di kampung!..

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