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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


ehekzz..weirdo??..more than one comment in one day??..LOLz..saye terase suke nak posting2 banyak2..bohsan? ...well not really as long as i conquer thz laptop and being my hobby to type2 my stories i mean anything crossed my mind. Well lately im often thinking about this 12 march. DISASTER GONNA HAPPEN! spm result. This feeling really tortured me as im not perform well last year..yea cket2.laziness! duhh what if i get a bad result as im expected?...owww hell no! hoping for a good unexpected things would b happen soon~ ok if the bad part happen my parents would kill b upset. Yeah i hold their trust yet betrayed!..aha many things akan timbul dengan sendirinya. Im finish! Somehow,aku rase cam menyesal gila plk xstudy bebetol dulu..waaahh expected thing! penyesalan di kemudian hari like what my counselor said b4!..dulu penah pk gak,tp yeahh mybe aku akan cool j kot but now no i can't b cool anymore im hell worried! What if i couldnt reach my dream? yeaa being a vet. Oww this drove me to the insanity. Maths-result-gonna-be really annoy me. Ok back to the math paper day..Disaster!..failure to finish some of the questions and the rest?? i didnt answer it perfectly i guess. Owhh totally hell worried cz all my friends talking about really-easy-math-questions and me?? frustrated menongeng till cried and sory guys frankly speaking all those ur warm-words that day really make me jerk..i mean totally hate to hear it yet still appreciate it,thnx anyway~. The worst part is when mom asked me.."how was ur math paper??"..i didnt say any words..but tears like hell rain did told everythings to her. It was really a miserable day, i cant even finish the small bowl of laksa penang(fav!). Sepanjang ari tu aku hanya tido..tido and tido!! couldnt bear to c the spm schedule~ Bro called me and thnx to him he really motivate me..but still im thinking "oww bro it is not that easy". You're the maths genius so u can simply say "ok it would b alrite." But then i realised i cant screwed up my spm just bcz im clearly-hell-sure would fail in maths..come on this is not the end of yourlife..there's another 4 more paper to go!..pai~bio~chem~phys..ow..i cant take a risk..ok i succeded to get all the strength back. Mungkin slalu mnemui kagagaln dlm maths mmbantu aku utk cepat bangkit kmbali. Credits to my experience!. And now another misery time haunted me. I really wanna further my studies ovc or even get a place at upm bintulu..(still over the sea what~) but maths will b the big culprit for me to get there owwhh ya ALLAH help me!!...thinking about my second option to take stpm..insyaallah!

"time will solve all the questions mark"

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