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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Terima Kasih Semuaa....

Assalamualaikum...hye babes hello dudes...

Im back...yes back for another short entry maybe..
I know, it is so hard to find me writing consecutively, but yeaaa i did today because ive got something i'd love to share with...*ohh please spread the love now...* :B

Today... i was so happy! happy indeed ! I attended a friends gathering...
Actually, it supposed to be our reunion for ex-students Mentokian but unfortunately half of them cant make we just decided to call it as 'The Friends Gathering' but still, i felt excited because some of them who came was my ex-classmate back in my primary still the 'reunion thingy' did happened though... happy to see most of them are running towards the exceeding of their life. I could see in the future each of them will be a physicians, an engineer, chemist, educator (hope ill be in the list too) etc..etc.. * im proud of them! they did well! *lets pray ill be like them too!!!!*BERSEMANGAT!

Hey you know what?.... all the girls are pretty indeed and the boys are gentle...i could see th
e way each of them was so in polite way and down to earth which is much way different compared in our school's time. Now i understand what the old folks said..."People changed as the time passed by" How much the changes are and in which way they will be is dependence on how oneself relying to their Creator..

Ok lets make it short cz im getting sleepy and i cant wait to continue to read 'HOUSE RULES'...
But sorry guys, the photos isnt available here...i didnt bring my camera, if u wish to see those pictures, u still can see it through my Facebook..i thought i can save it from there, but it cant...So sorry guys for such a lame post without pictures !

No matter happy today....alhamdulillah! Gembira dapat berbakti walaupun sedikit!..

*nah ambik buat tatapan.gambar lame kwn2*

Till then...see yaaa... :0

(p/s: Ada azam baru...wajib nk habiskan novel house rules ni no matter what ! Semoga berjaya mencapainya dengan redhaNya tanpa melalaikan kewajiban yg sebenar)

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