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Friday, July 29, 2011

i made a proverb for myself!

Salam readers...

Im sleepy, truly sleepy and when that happened laziness strikes me. Whenever i felt sleepy when the times is i shouldn't felt so, i called it 'doesn't make sense sleepy' ok i know it may sounds over exaggerating but yeaahhh...aku tulis kan, so ske hati mak leer..hehe

Ok, so one month back, i found out something useful for myself.. Actually one day, i was woke up early in the morning which is around 5 a.m . I wanted to had some exercises with my buddy, mira at 7 a.m. So i don't slept back. Since i finished my school, i rarely wake up early, so it makes me terribly sleepy indeed. So i fbing but still it doesn't worked. So i decided to update my blog. I write something and it works!! Since i used English to write an entry, so it makes my brain work harder and i no longer felt sleepy yet energetic!...It came with a conclusion, "You will get doesnt-make-sense-sleepy when your brain isn't working" perghh..hebat tak peribahasa aku baru cipta ni??..haha...

So now i feel better....i can continue my work folding up all this clothes!

Till then..tata :)

(p/s:rindu lappy aku!....entry bosan xde gambar kan?...xpelah...6t aku kasi byk gambar once my lappy has been repaired!)

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