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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Different but still the same...

Assalamualaikum fella readers! a bright smile for all of you =)

Ok i wanna share something that peoples are currently mad about tonite.... it's FOOTBALL timeeee!!!!!!!! well i rather like to call soccer than a football because it maybe look awesome..ngeehh,ngeeehh,ngehhh...~

How i called it and how you pronounced it, does not the matter. The thing is, this game brought me,you,them,they a similarities. Still dont get it? haaiiyaa.. let me give you some simple example, u cina, i melayu, dia pulak india...see, we are different races rite?...but no matter what the tradition we embraced off, those Malay, Chinese, India.....they LOVE FOOTBALL! Am i rite?? Ok please correct me if im wrong.. So this is the gist that im trying to tell you guys, different but still the same. Mmg power lah sukan bola nih!...

ill tell you the reasons...
1. My dad didn't slept early as he used to whenever there are a football match happened.
2. My elder sister became energetic and she won't sighed about her back pain, headache etc..etc..
3. My brother betted with his wife which team gonna win.
4. My friends talked something useful instead of gossiping.
5. 2 person with different ideology of politics could sat at the same table talked about football match.

and the last but not least....

6. itu wa punyaa balakk ignored my sms+es...grrrr!!!

That is why i write this...because i've got pleeeeeeeeeeeeenty of time...ngeeee~~ happy sgt! kan...? kan..? bota?...awk tgk la bola tu..pastu smbung citer hindustan plak xksh pon.. =)

till then..tata...

(p/s:tak bermaya je rse hari ni..ngantok ape2 pon kpd skuad Harimau Malaysia, good job!...tak berjaya pon xmngapa,cuba lagi next 4 years! chaaaiyookk!!!...bukan kalah tp msh blm brjaya...jgn rsau..aku ttp soskong Malaysia beb!..ok dahh, pedih perut tetibe..nk tdooo laaa..ngantukk...salam,gudnitess ;)