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Friday, January 4, 2013

I just can't wait

Salam readers ... :)

I can't wait for tomorrow! I can't wait to finish my last final paper....
I can't wait packing up my stuff..
I can't wait to lay on my bed cuddles my comfy bear and watch moviesssss!
I can't wait to be home... :)

Pray for my last paper tomorrow... Family law sounds easy eh??? lots of casessssssssssss grrrr!!
Actually i can't really focus on my notes because i think my soul is already home...home since 2 days ago....
I can't wait to be home to see my family! my cats! him! and bestie!!!
I wanna be home and watch tv..
I wanna watch adam dan hawa in marathon

I just can't wait to do random things without thinking about exams.... :)

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