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Monday, January 7, 2013

Home !

Salam readers :)

Im home.....yes.... home sweet home!
Alhamdulillah it was an easier journey except i didn't get a tight sleep...well it's normal i guess....
So lets not make it plain.....

im ready to back homeeeeee!!! hehe this picture was not taken at my room but at my friend's. haha. 2 back pack and on sling back... i thought i just wanna bring 1 back pack but lappy seems like need to treat more nicely than before so brought along its own bed.

i reached at stesen bas changlun at 6. so lets eat first..alone. the nasi goreng kampung was really nice :)

In the bus! at 7 pm.. i dare to take this picture because there are nobody but me.. im the only passenger from changlun :)

I reached Kunatan Bus terminal at 7.15a.m i guess, so while waiting my sister picked me up lets have hot chocolate first! yummiieehhh.. and i was sitting at the rapid kuantan waiting area and there is one guy approached me..mybe he thought i've lost. I purposely to sit there because i wanna see how they works! (rapid kuantan is the newest public transportation at kuantan) Started from December until april the rapid kuantan will be free of charge... i've got lots of info from one pak cik who asked me where i wanna go with the back pack. We talked a lot from the rapid kuantan thingy until floods at kuantan area last month. Ohh ive been so much friendly :) hehehe

This is my new baby. When i reached home, ill round all the home's area and i saw this cute lappy at the coffee table and i fall in love with it. With the silver colour and thin...sangat cantik. I thought it was dad's lappy but mom said it is for me..hehe dad bought it for me because my lappy dah rosakkkk....can't help it anymore! it can be fixed but will cost lots of money so it's better buy a new one. dah banyak kali buat perangai lappy tuu...but i miss u.. it was my first lappy mom bought it when i was form 6. :'(

Got this new sling bag! thank mom :) love it....

So.......that's my story for today... i gonna make this holiday as one of my best holiday ever!.... i wanna gain something. I wanna do lots of reading, i wanna brush up my english, i wanna brush up my Quran reading.... the thing is... i don't want to waste my 1 month holiday just like what i did before....Thanx a million mom and dad! Alhamdulillah..i so happy... sedih2 hari tu akhirnya happy jugak rase.....hehehe....i never dreamnt to get new lappy, its ok if ill just stay using my dad's lappy...tapi dah tetiba dapat ni..alhamdulillah sangat-sangat...

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