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Monday, December 31, 2012

my 2012 Review

Salam now i supposed to study for my coming Tort Law....

Suddenly i felt something that i hate the most.... Allah, please make me strong no matter how hard the time is.... I know i always have You and You will never forget about me and You will always love me although people around me doesn't. I know, if i hold my whole trust on You...i will never regret, not even and inch.

So, it's like a cliche when at the end of the year people will sort everything that ever happened during that year.... Plus minus, we are going to step into 2013 in 2 hours... In this post, i would like to make review on 2012...

January, 2012
I was having my final exam for semester one here in UUM. I could still remember i was struggled with the Hubungan Etnik paper during the eve with friends together with our senior Kak Nurul. Everything are fine. Mid January till mid February was semester break.... There are no significant things happened during this period. But i could't forget how excited i was to go back home after 1 semester and for the first time in my life being far from home and family.

February, 2012
Second semester started. I had bad homesickness but healed after 2 weeks. To be frank, second semester hurt me a lot. Crisis....crisis....crisis.... that is the suitable word.

March, 2012
March always be my favorite month. :) friends celebrated my birthday and it was like the first time for me because before this there are nothing unusual happened. Retrospectively Ill just be happy on my birthday, performed solat hajat for my better day ahead and that's all... and yes i should not forget the guy who always make me happy on my birthday since we are together..but this time we are far. Im a bit emotional but hey what friends for? I should thank them alot for make me happy whenever im not.

April, 2012
I celebrated my friend's birthday.... again, there's nothing significant event... I started to be confused with the uni's life. I couldn't cope, adapt and adopt well during this semester.

May, 2012
Final were getting nearer. My crisis are getting serious. I became sad, upset, depressed because of someone. 'Someone' who i would not revealed here for the sake of that person's dignity. But you know what? i hate u... and yes i put all the blamed on you!

Jun. 2012
It's final exam for semester 2. But i still lost.. a day before my contract II was the peak of my crisis. Im so down and drowned. I hate everybody around me and i even hate myself. And it was the beginning of my hatred. I am the kind of person who will easily trust people but once they lie to me, they don't deserve my trust anymore. Since 2 years ago after that 'history' i hardly to trust people.. Yes hardly...

July, 2012
The exam ended. I was on my final semester break.

August, 2012
It was the fasting month which one of my favorite month. Why? because i felt so calm. I love the Ramadhan's atmosphere. I love meeting people at the mosque during the tarawikh prayer. Allhamdulillah i didn't skip my tarawikh without any unreasonable reason. Alhamdulillah again because the mission were accomplished. I did it  not only for the sake of ibadah but to train myself to be more disciplined. One thing i realised, if we have a good disciplined to perform our ibadah, we will automatically be an honest person and be discipline to other field too. At the same time, i gained new experience, working experience. It was my first time working at the bazaar Ramadhan with my best friend. I enjoy the work although it was so tiring. Hot weather  plus the fasting month and added with the customer demanding was not a an easy job for me. Sabar is always be my favorite word during this period. What can i say? i love this month very much :)

September, 2012
It was Eidulfitri! tell me who doenst happy during raya day...?? This is the month where the holiday ended. Before go back to UUM, i had promise my self that i won't cry anymore because of homesickness. Alhamdulillah i got my self prepared mentally and physically and i was so happy went back to UUM no more'ttears..yeayyyy! I also promised my self that i wont let anyone hurt me like what that person did to me. So psychologically we are having war and this time i am more ready with the invulnerable and impenetrable shield! yaehhhh!

October, 2012
I was busy with the new semester. Tons of workloads....happy day.... i became more motivated! I promised my self that i won't ever think too much on a tiny problems. I want to smile and said "hah......small the pieces..i can handle this..."   Raya again.......and home for two times...

November, 2012
More busy! i know how busy to be a law student especially a student like me who know nothing! Muhasabah diri a lots... Started to plan the final exam..

December, 2012
Here we are........ Final exam, test, assignments which is wayyyyyy hard for me.... and now i have done with 3 2 to go.... Ya ALLAH please ease everything... Favorite word for this month are SABAR, BERUSAHA, ISTIQAMAH! :)

When i read again my 2012 history....... hmmm its the kind of disappointing.Theres nothing significant happened except with the bad thing.....

So this 2013, i want to make something different... i want to add more colour to the picture of my life. :)

No matter what, i will always put Allah first.....

Till then......

(p/s: Blogging will always heal my sadness.... im ok now, thank ypu mr. blog!)

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