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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Uneasy =(


Dear friends, u know what.... i felt uneasy this few days and there is no doubted to point to PMS. It's all your fault! just ruined up my days, i mean, i should enjoy every moment as enjoyable days without felt any burden....*sigh*...

Frankly, i'm still feeling guilty for not being a responsible person as i should be. If i could reverse the time, yes i'll fix everything...and make it perfect to everybody. Unfortunately, i couldn't cope to go against the faith.

I'm feeling weaker day by day. I turns into paranoid to face the future. I'm so negative right now. I wanna change and i badly need it...

Well you know what, someone who like me turn to be the opposite side. Well i dont really care if u dont like me, but please, i do got feelings....dont pretend like im not there whenever i stood there. I felt such a loser well like im invisible to you. I dont mind if u dont wanna greet me, but please, do respect me as your guest instead of invisible man. Hey! im not invisible okay!... NOT!... You make me felt, loser and make me hate my self like im the most bad person in the world just because of one misunderstanding.. Im too bad to you haaa???...ok fine, i'll accept that..thnx for giving me the best viewed of you at my first glimpse and now i realize im not good enough to be your friend...You make me invisible than ill make invisible too...fair and square rite??... ermm, you....i know u wont read this unless you stalked me, but if u do read this just no offence,bcz this is what i felt about u....i mean i wrote this just to show what did i felt all this while when u attended me that way...thnx anyway....

Till then, im sleepy...salam..

(p/s: period buat sy rse jauh dgn reciting the holy verse, i felt so calm...)

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