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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kerja satel...


I've been thinking to start any new post with salam...which is something i rare to do when posting an entry. So i think this is a good start to blogging again.

Dudes, babes...i know i let this blog wilted for sometimes, because the beginning of 2011 doesn't went well to me. Im deeply struggled with my own emotion, feelings, heart...etc,etc.. So i just stop blogging for a while to get some space. Im not the kind of person who enjoy telling the public anything including personal matter. My blog is just a place for
me to share something not-really-into-personal...i mean, the things that i've been through is really personal....

Ok lets get into main point which is kerja satel.. kerja satel here is refer to this blog. Can u see the changes??...At last i give some fresh air to this blog to breath. Simple is nicer. ive been tired using blog skin which is not showing my self..i know the blog's header doesnt looked well, but i just love the way it is....let me express my self through this blog, the dumbo trying to be smarter!...haha..

Im thinking about making my self more creative while blogging...i mean the entry not just only a plain text talking nonsense. Ill put some motivational words refer to me
and you, or mybe putting some here we are..

But i realize that i am the kind of person who always sighted when things turn into chaos. Ive got no strength to be a person who really strong to accept it with praying so hard that i will be tht kind of person someday..inshaALLAH...

Till then.....~ salam..

(p/s:Kebelakangan ni aku rase sgt la mls....asyk nk tdo je keje....hishh...aku cm xde motivasi langsung nk stay up pagi2 after subuh...hmm,harus berubah!)

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