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Friday, April 22, 2011

i need to filled the empty road...


Dear friends, how are you guys been doing??....i hope you guys been blessed by Allah swt....
Im doing good right now except, received a love letter from JLKN. It's annoyed me, i mean badly annoyed...lets forget it....i've came with an idea how to deal with it, the next step..lets just see whether its working or not.. *i pray very hard!*

ok... go for the next agenda....Well,guys, have u seen this blog had changed a lots?...well, the skin.....the pictures bla..bla.. but the thing is, i wanna say about the language that ive been used..lately i used about 97% fully english except for the "p/s". Actually, i wanna sharpen my english skills as im gonna step into uni's life someday and i pretty sure im gonna use lots of english later. Well people,actually im the kind of person who love english very much. But i know my skills isn't that good to be compared with others. So that is why i came with a decision to sharpen my english through blogging as im a school leaver who doesn't have an english classes as i used to have it everyday while i was in the form 6. By hook or by crook, to have a better english progression i need to do something and one of the ways is write in english. It's like writing an article in MUET except this way is much easier as i just have to write anything that i like and never worried about the grammatical error... and i dont have to worry about the marks too....*wink*

Guys, i know if the one who read this got a PhD in english(as if they will read this..~), im pretty sure that they will traced this entry with so many grammatical error,wrong sentence structure and bla..bla.. but the moment i made my mind to do this, i said to my own-self that nobody was perfect at their first try.. so in order to be a good english user someday, i need to get through this worst part first... learn from mistakes rite? i just dont care about the grammar...ill learn from one step to another...

But guys, im OPEN for any constructive comments.... do comment about my english progressing.. inshaALLAH, the worst part from mine, while the others from ALLAH swt.. :)


(p/s: laptop diri sendiri rosak..bota sgt baik hati sbb tlg hantar baiki, lg baik hati bila dia bg aku pinjam laptop die..bota ckp sy blh buat cam harta sendiri cuma jgn rosakkan lptop die cam ape y dh aku buat kat lptop sndiri....syg awk bota! tetap akan byr kos baiki laptop tu wlaupun awk kate xpayah...*oh bota,kenapa awk sgt sweet u perkara y sy xjangka???...*touching* tetibe rase bersalah tgt perangai aku y kuat merajuk!..maaf ye bota syg.... Tp kan best plak pkai laptop ni....laptop bota lptop baru....nk pnjm lame lg la blh x????,,teheee~~ )

(p/s: masih terasa annoy dgn ignore aje...sedang berfikir dan mencari kekuatan secara telus :)

(p/s: Allhamdulillah, dh dpt Medsi!...semoga ALLAH murahkan rezeki aku untuk dpt progrm perguruan walaupun hati masih lagi berbelah bhagi sama ade aku nk mnx ngn tuhan y aku nk course perguruan, lawyer atau english studies....ya ALLAH, al-Qahhar(maha menentukan), ar- Razzaq(maha pemberi rezeki), al-Alim(maha mengetahui), permudahkan urusanku ya ALLAH.)

(p/s: makin terasa cintaNYA dan cintanya.....alhamdulillah.)

(p/s:gambar2 tu sebagai inspiration yee...haha)

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