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Monday, March 4, 2013

Remarkble days with remarkable people

Salam and morning :)

So how are you doing?
hmmm..... i am in week three, semester four... so far.. Alhamdulillah.. the hectic life just about to start. So ill keep maintain my more laid-back day, no more nonproductive day, no more sad  thingy over the shit meshy bloody things, no more excessive sleep and no more over hanging out!

I hope ill istiqamah for forever...insyaALLAH.... Be Strong!

Ok what has been happened for the past few days in my life?????

Last Friday, my friends and i went for an outing to Padang Besar and Alor Setar....yeaahhh mannn jauhhh... Actually we just want to go to Alor Setar, but a day before we decided to go to Padang Besar as friends wanted to find something there and me either wanna find something for my best friend back in hometown. It was a delay request from my best friend. She asked me to find her some nice blouses and i couldnt make it last semester because im broke..haha so i less my outing....

Then...... i went out for a walk yesterday with ze girlfriends yawww... and alhamdulillah we've got a chance to try achery... archery is one of our prophet Muhammad s.a.w favorite sports. It was an enjoyable moment to try something new!... Alhamdulillah again for the rezeki. Lots of things actually i've been learn since i enter semester four. It happened because i want it. I dont want to be surrounded with negative aura, negative thoughts, sad and cry over something stupid.... i wanna change... i wanna do something different which will give me more manfaat in future yang diredhai dan diberkati Allah....

Actually i got lots of pictures...but i dont know why i cant find those needed pictures in my lappy...... so im gonna upload some pictures through the phone later....

(p/s: I wrote this entry through lappy but since I faced wt some technical issues...i ended uploading the photos via phone...sory for the inconvieneince peeps....make ur own them to the bits! <3)

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