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Monday, February 25, 2013

Keep moving on!

Salam and hye guys.....! :) how are you doing???  It's been like forever i didn't come up with new entry. My last post ive been a bit emotional so i didnt consider it as an interesting one although i know since when my post are interesting?...hehehe....

Ok... so what should i say? hmmmmmm........ its my second week here, UUM. So all is well.... Alhamdulillah. New sem means new mood, new  thoughts, new energy, new resolution....everything is gonna be new..... But as for me... I still stick with my old one. But i enhance it, modified it and i make it stronger. Alhamdulillah again for my previous sem's result. Although it doesnt met my desired pointer but i still thankful because it was increased! Means the work hard paid is just that i need to increase my working level... Allah is delaying my success because He wants me to work harder. He motivate me by increasing my pointer. I got it!. Thanks ALLAH... I dont wanna waste this chance just like that. InsyaALLAH...

This sem i should reduce my fun time..i mean my time hanging out....maybe twice a month ill be down town. i should cut my personal allowance. Cz i wanna save. Im not coming from the rich family. I felt so guilty when i ask money from my family. Its not that they cannot afford to give me money but our parents never teach us to be easy. My siblings during their studies time, never ask extra money from our parents. They are manage to use their allowance and scholarship wisely. So asking extra money while i got loan is really a big deal for me. It means that i still failed in managing my own finance. YES, i admit that i dont know how to save because im kinda loose when it comes to shopping. And this is my first time managing own money in a big amount. Before this it always parents or sisters. They will keep and manage the money for me. This time i need to do on my own. Actually this year im craving for something that i would die for! I want it so badly so i better start save some money on my piggy bank. If ALLAH allowed, to buy, ill buy it... :) As long as i dont get it...i cannot reveal it here.

hmmm...whats next? for the few months i am so crazy over instagram. I found it fun to post some memorable picture with the special captions. For this social account ive been so picky when it turns to followers approval..haha i dont know why... i just wanna share it with the limited person. I simply dont care if one of my followers might be meluattt with my photos and captions because they can simply unfollow me. I just being me :)

Ok i know yaaaa boring to read those craps, so i upload some moments i did during my sem-break :)

No. I didnt do this during the sem break. I just did it few minutes ago. As i was so boring to death and i dont want ended my day with sleeping. I dont know since went i love colorful. For the purpose of learning, i think colorful helps me alot. :) Hope there will be notes glued there soon.

I love to put smile when i write something because psychologically it helps u to be positive and stay strong. :)

Ok they are the retarded people *insert evil laugh here* haha.. they are my best friends since my secondary school. From the left is Naim , next is Nasrullah , and last but not least is Syed.

These 2 girls also my bff since the secondary school. We had our reunion-breakfast before i went back to uum. My left one is Mira and my another girl is Putri,. 

Ok this a day before my reunion-breakfast.... BBQ day with the crazy people!...hahaa they are my bff from my form 6. 

Not forget to mention...teheheeee~~ the loved one! I mis the moment :)

And me.......!!!! :)

Alhamdulillah for the enjoyable time during my semester break. All plans are checked except my trip to Kelantan due to my health condition. Before coming back here, i was so sad to leave all the people at my kampung. But one day, i felt like i missed my girls here lots too! An, Mira, Sha, Ilah, Ecah to name a few........ they are my another half crazy people that makes me look normal! and ill be weird without them here. :) *sorry guys my new lappy doesnt have our pictures together... sad me :'(. But ill filled the memory card with your crazy face soon babeh.. :)

Ok la... till then,

and thanks for wasting ur time reading mine :))
*please excuse my grammar*

(p/s: i try to learn to be positive)

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