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Saturday, May 30, 2009

nurse my own wound..

seems like since zaman batu i didnt write anything...well still with the connection problem..
and now im online through the desktop with the dial-up connection..haha old school btl lah..
well rite now there is something annoy me!..dduuhh.. i cant and i hate face it.. ya ALLAH dktkan lah diriku dgn diriMU..! rse cm mau merantau jauh2...jauh2 drp semua org yang aku knl!!! plus.. aku smkn mmbenci some part of mine.. i really hate myself rite now!... oohh ALLAH i know U know i can face it but how?? please show me the rite way... ok there is some short listed about what i want rite now....
1- merantau jauh2 drp semua yang aku fmly+frens juz me and God..
2- turn back the time..!
3- the old parts of mine!...i miss the older raihan
4- miss my pingu!...kak ya... (im criuz ok..if u read thz dont b kmbang lah..haha)
5- miss my kak ikin... im counting the 28/6..
6- miss my buddies..korang wey aku xleh lupekan korang la...
7- miss my beach life..
8- buang thz tension!!!
9- miss my ain and farhan!
10- miss the laptop
11- wanna cry ok!..ooowhh my bad..

Ya ALLAH... please lead me to the best way!...aku xnk hanyut...
ok can i NANGIS now?????????..

p/s: the feelings really KILLING ME SOFTLY!...ya ALLAH please help ths servant of yours..
oowhh really hate this moment............why me huh?

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