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Monday, May 11, 2009

day [1] as a pre-u student

Started my day with curiousity and frankly i was like thinking about my first day after spm, yeahh..its holiday. Time passed very fast.It was like i just started my long holiday yesterday but today need to get ready for a new routine as a sudent. I went to smc at 0815a.m cz the registration was at 9a.m. After the registration the chantek-teacher said u can go anywhere u like but need to be here at 12...ok but as for me i felt like quite menyusahkan . But its ok la.. forgiven! haha..

Ok ill make it short. The first programme started exactly at the time. As i thought cegu Aziz was the one who took over..ok at first i was like terkejut cz the emcee said he is the school's counsellor(spell??) ...actually he is the former counsellor at SID and been worked there for ages so im a bit shocked when he been transfered here, well good in progression i guess.. owh and before that rmi cegu pre-u bg ceramah about this and that and of course the scholar thingy attracted me..haha..

The ice-breaking session was quite interesting, we need to nyanyi2 and intro ourselves but it was like living in hot pouch..panas siot!, yeah nowadays we cant really expect the weather..

The first day programme ended at 1410 p.m... and i cant wait to back home to re-fill my tummy frankly i didnt took my breakfast cz i was like lost my appetite..

Ok to be FRANK once again...i didnt really excited at all cz im hoping of transferring to SIS as soon as the learning session start next week. But now im feeling like BLUURR je and im quite scared to ask the teachers for the transferring process.. nanti ape plak die kate, bru msk dh nk tuka.. but really it bother me and i cant stand it for any longer.. tomorrow i need to go to the school office by hook or by crook!.. oohh God give me the strength..

p/s: i miss my precious time with the buddies at smkbm...korang rock!.. and sometimes im thinking whether i could get the same friends y gile2 yet chill je...can i??.. time will answer it~
do supporting me ok!

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