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Monday, May 11, 2009

killing me softly

Criuzzly the transferring thingy really bother me!..arghhh!!.. really need the solution.. thnx GOD abah willing to help me. A week like a year!...

Frankly this problem not gonna happend if i did well last year.. sesal dahulu pendapatan sesal kemudian tdk brguna ... really got no mood at all..

Thinking of becoming a peguam syari'e... oohh celaru+cacamarba sgale info dlm hotak ni..need someone to fix it.. aku dh blur ngn cita2 aku... really feeling like to cry.. oohh ive got kesusateraan stream...i dont know lah...thinking of change it into geography and history.. its not that the malay literature aint interesting but learn those prosa klasik really can make me lentok all the time as i used to be whenever pn.ramlah told us to read it. and one thing i realize is im not really into the tatabahasa-person..i mean im too lazy to understand those rules of malay grammar jgn contohinya kerana anda org melayu... dilemma killing me softly!...

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