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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

day [3] as a Pre-U student..

ok today is the third day of our orientation week..
its look like i cant transfer to SIS..when thinking back..never mine lah..

Dad went to PPD just now and the officer told him that its kind of a big lost if i transfer to SIS since my current school which is SMC or name galamernye TEPCES is a premier school. So if i did ill not be able to use all the facillities cz gov didnt provide them to SIS..

Well intelectually, yea he is rite..BIG LOST!
then ok lah ill stay..maybe my rezeki is here not there..
Now im really redha' with it..its not an obstacle but a big oppurtunity!..yeahh DON'T GIVE UP!!! Raihan move on!.. keep it up!..u r the best!!...

p/s: yo asked me along to go to smkbm this Sunday for the teacher's day celebration..owhh fren im the smkcian lah no longer mentokian..ive got my own responsiblility lah. I dont think mom will allow me to go there though.. (but actually i wanna go lah..haha)

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