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Sunday, May 10, 2009

at the end of the loooong holiday

ok its a long time since my last post...
mim alif lam sim attacking!..

first, ill be schooling back tomorrow..owwhh...frankly never thought ill be schooling i thought pre-u start around im not mentally WELL prepared schooling around may...but its ok cz i strt to feel the exitedness of become a pre-u student tomorrow...yeahh!..

Second, thnx yea my dear fellow friend RAIS cz ingat nk PULANGKAN balik jam aku tu...b4 u head to gambang tomorrow..(sory aku ter-SUMPAH kau tadi..haha2..! u deserved it~)

Third, poor my pu3..sory about ur baju mom will do her best..u will wear it in couples of week (kot..)..

Fourth, oowhh cuti ended with joy!,sis,bro headed to megamall yesterday and we played bowling for two hours i guess...sis still cant beated my big bro so she treated our lunch. ok aku mngaku aku KALAH but i DON'T CARE at i get new school's attire plus new NIKE bag! siot..haha.btw..thnx to my sis...i lov u!..and i promise to perform my best this time..INSYAALLAH~

Fifth, ill miss all my buddies..pu3,fidah,mira,mizah,lina,rais as they r going to further their studies at gambang and johore matriculation collegue tomorrow..chaoyook guys ill pray 4 ur remember me ok..(except 4 RAIS, aku xheran mu lupe aku pon..haha!)

Sixth, im looking for a new LIVERPOOL pencil case cz mine is going to hancow already..i need the xtra size ok..!(ok..ok need to control my red madness)..

Seventh, need new visor for my helmet...anyone???..haha~

Eight, my Steven Gerrard (stand for my red legend motorcycle ye..) needs new cover set..i still want the same colour yet different style...bro?? xnk sponsor k?..ngehs5!

Ninth, still not ironing my school's attire yet!..cik tyah xnk tlg??..dapat pahale tau.~

Tenth, fall in love with ths CUTE+HANDSOME+MACHO+STYLISH guy...LAH AHMAD.. criuz sore die best..merdu..ok i know ure taken but if u read this CALL ME DUDE!..ahaks..

p/s: ill be bz for the whole week..need to re-scheduled everythings!...oowhh im eighteen!.. dh bole kawin daa...ngesh5!.. ok please take a note that im not going to call my form six as 'school' but ill be call it as 'PRE-U'..yaa..its the facts..huhu!
ok last but not least...happy mothers day to my MOM RUSENAINI IBRAHIM ure the bestt mom ever and i will always love u more than u love me till my last breath!..and happy sweet sixth bday to my niece NURUL AIN mak su will oweyz pray for ur success and i hope u perform ur best in ur entrance xam...use ur intelligence well! lastly..limit ur gedikss.. ye..haha..jgn marah..

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