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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

u rock guyz!

Schooling at skbm2 is among the best memories ever..with the cool teachers and friends..and this is our first reunion after 5 years we didnt meet (some of them lah)..ermm best gak lbh2 lg time game..huhu2..well im not in the pic..since using laptop pinjam so i jd mls to upload the pic from my memory addition(erkk cm ayt essay j..)video j y byk..nk upload video plk mls thap pn jd laah..once my laptop is ok ill try to upload the video..

p/s:reunion ni like fitrah KASIH show or maybe mencari calon keKASIH..huuhu.. mikah(bkn name sbnr) seems like falling in love with awjan(jg bkn nme sbnr)..oowwh no wonder la u ask for our number..nk mntak sorang je tp cover pye psl abs sme mntak..ngehh.!..lawak la.. b4 the reunion ended our teacher asked us to plan for another reunion once again mybe after 10 years..ok lets angan2 sket..well who am i at that time huh??..ok im 28 and just come back from maybe after completing my degree in psychology and insyaalah master in health psychology...and i am the Mental Health Therapist..with God will..owwhh ini bkn angan2 mat jenin..this is angan2 ke arah kejayaan.. (any changes subject to the time and situation...huuhu~)
till my next post daaa..~

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