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Friday, April 3, 2009

something to share...



Gosh!...i miss my the-very-long-onl9-time!..(hah..perosak bahase!)…well u know my problem rite..!..uhh im so into crazy rite now. Now its getting complicated!...its so hard to detect the LAN signal and I need to do all the internet thingy in 5 minutes…I repeat…5 minutes!...
I told sis last nite and she thought we should switch it again into vista….oohh great to hear that but when aa sis?? must take a loooooooooooooong time before my sis can have a suitable time to fix it…(bwk pd pembekal je actually..)..sis is so bz nowadays!!

Okay…I really cant wait for the reunion this april 11!..huhuu…cant wait to meet all the former students of 6B class ..really2 miss them!..well studying at sekolah kebangsaan bukit mentok II is one of the great moment!..waah I miss my super-dupper-cool-sporting PJ teacher…cegu shahrin!..hah..dh brape ank ek???...huhuu….but for sure he will b not around on that day cz huda told me he already moved to kedah (kot..ssb kg halamnnya..haha~)..and cegu fadhil!....soory I broke my promise… I didn’t mean it but I really forgot and bz lah that time..when I realize I didn’t post those pic to u, I became so shy lah cz its been 2 years dah..hah MY BAD!..mase tu I was so in dilemma..duuh and at last I didn’t send it to u..
Those picture are still in my keep…mybe ill send those pic with the new pic from our reunion to you later ok!..insyaallah but still cant promise yeaa..huhu…I bet he will shock tahap gaban!(hah cik tyah sy dh ske gne dahh..jgn mrh!)…sbb its been 5 years!...started from the last day of our primary till I ended my secondary school..!hah gilew lah…oowhh I need to find his address..i still keep it..perhaps~

Owhh adekah cegu lelaki shj mnjd cegu kegemaran saya??? lah!...cegu prm lg rmi…tp diorang still here so there is no prob to meet 2 org cegu ni still a bachelor (ahaks!)…I mean their attitude still so into childish la compare to the cegu pompuan….so they got enough plus lebey time to layan kami y really childish mse tuh..itu y syok!..
I hope cegu fadil ade email so it will b so easy for me to send anything in just one click away!..haha its all about the no boundaries world!....saya suka INTERNET!.. entries looks dull without any picture rite?..tulaa.. this prob really annoy me!...but I promise ill show my reunion pic later!...
Till then…tata~

p/s:oowhh betol cik itriah mmg seorang y lurus…lagi lurus drp besi…trust me…budak ni dh byk kali kene kencing dik aku…ngeh4!!..

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