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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

disconnected offhanded...

Hard to get onl9 lately. Its all about the internet..Well actually I think the main culprit is the laptop itself. The laptop that I’ve been using since last year is a damn great amongst to any other HP laptop…well im not showing off but that’s the reality. This laptop came with touchscreen,fingerprint and remote control..yeahh see?? not lying to u..(tp laptop ni bkn ak pnye btw..^isk^isk^..) and as usual every laptop nowadays supported by windows vista. But the thing is… when sis decided to buy this HP pavilion entertainment gadget, she asked the salesman to convert it onto windows XP..huh what the BIG! Lost..i sighed~….(seb baik bkn aku punye)…as she afraid the vista might not be able to support the XP file.. at first yea ok je but then it started to buat perangai! !!....benci u know.. When I connect to the modem…LAN bapak susah nak dapat!!.. I must cabot and reconnect again…menyusahkan btol!.. once it connected everything orite lah.. but lately it became worst!...OMG! I can stand it any longer..but this time opposite with the previous problem…its so easy to get the LAN signal..yeahh just like that u know!.. but happiness was just about 15 minutes after the lines started to disconnect..!!...arghhh! really make me mess up!..bayangkan u lps 15 min line dh pts… and the thing is I need to restart my laptop again…it such a trouble ok!...and all my research all terbantot!.. and now…it cant stand for 5 minit though..and I type this post at the microsft Word before I post to my blogspot…I know i just need to be patience with this prob…its just like an ups and downs in our real life…

The moral of the story is..: don’t convert ur software unless its non-pirate!...see?... or u will face with the same prob as me..(can I nangis???)….benci btl…!

p/s: nk cerita psl the cutie teddy bear y cik itriah kasi for my bdy pn terbantot tau….!...owhh cik itriah …plus!...thnx to the microeconomie’s sifu (spell??) for ur briefly explanations towards my probs!..oohh SAYA SEORANG YANG OPTIMIS!

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