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Friday, April 3, 2009

Pak Lah leave his deligation and PM Najib continue the deligation..

First of all I would like to show my gratitude to our former PM, Tun Abdullah bin Hj.Ahmad Badawi or Pak Lah for short and friendly. 5 years 5 months and 3 days is just winking of my eyes…yeah really!..kejap j kan..?.. I just watched the tv that showed the rancangan khas of Pak Lah on his last steps out from his office..huhuhhuu…I become sad you know~~..^isk^isk…
5 years back….the same situation happened when Tun Dr. Mahathir used to be in his place right now and Pak Lah was in Datuk Seri Najib’s place…haha and yeaa I admit that im truly damn kinda emotional a bit I do really6 adore Che Det very much.!

Today, as a usual Pak Lah being honoured as Tun like our previously PM…congrats anyway!..

Well right now im just hoping that Datuk Seri Najib could make a new and better transformation for our country..uhh maybe some pocket money for me??..(ahakss!!..kiddin…how come he wanna giv it to no one..either best worker nor best student!..^_^)…sigh.. you remember about the RAHMAN theory??..huhuhuu…PM Najib completed it! Ok lets take a look at the theory…

R- Rahman

A- Abdul Razak

H- Hussien Onn

M- Mahathir

A- Abdullah


Ermm…yeah it works!..but you know, in Tun Hussein’s era people starts to wondering whether this theory gonna succeed or not because at that time Tun Hussien was like more interested in choosing Tun Ghazali as his TPM. But unfortunately King Ghaz was not in the list of the three naib presiden UMNO which is Tun Ghafar Baba, Dr Mahathir and Tengku Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah who is more qualified to be the TPM..(yea la kan logically one of them should b TPM)… based from my reading there are some boycott-gonna-be if Tun Hussien didn’t choose one of them..(aku masih buta sejarah politik!..)..ill make it short…based from my readings Tun Razak, the bro-in-law of Tun Hussein used to will Dr. Mahathir as a TPM…so this-man-im-adore-much!...being a TPM…ermm…let say Tun Hussein choose King Ghaz??...ok the theory still works cz his name started with M which is stand for Mohd. Ghazali Shafie….aha but perhaps in politics he is unlikely being chosen. In Tun Mahathir’s era…this theory became hard to be foretell. Yeah because 22 years is not like 2 minutes…(umo aku pn xckp 22 lg)…so anything can happened..
But then…Datuk Seri Anwar replaced the TPM sit..ermm..ok…A…gud in progress of the RAHMAN theory..until September 1998..he being fired..(owhh sy kurang arif mengenainya..)….the theory follower started to puzzle whose gonna b the next TPM..
With the constitute of Tun Abdullah as TPM and continue as PM completed the “RAHMA” but still not “RAHMAN” yet.. The N seems like easy to be expect cz PM Najib is the expected one…
Phewww~~~!!...Today, Najib completed the ‘RAHMAN theory’…ok it seems like we need to find another theory after RAHMAN…huhuu…cam best je bermain-main ngan teori ni…

Well, dear my fellow readers I don’t really addicted to this theory as I came to know about this theory when I was 15, I guess.. and for sure lah everything will be happened with ALLAH S.W.T will, so don’t get too excited cz anything can happened…I believe the ‘RAHMAN Theory’ is just kind of coincidence and there is nothing to do with the theory semata-mata but its all about ape y dh tertulis di Luth Mahfuz rite.. beriman pd Qada dan Qadar itukan rukun iman.

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