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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Short post


So here i am...... Sintok, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysiaaaaaaaa.....muhahahaahaaaa..... looks like someone is over excited here.. Yes i am, im excited not because i have arrived here, it is because next week ill be home again for 6 days... yahoooo!!!! I know i should stay at hostel as i just having my holiday but yeaahh im not that kind of nerdy..... it's better for me to go back home rather than having my 6 days here....  staying here doesn't reduce the monetary thingy because i think if i stay here, im gonna go to somewhere else..Alor Star, SP, Penang, Perlis..... all these places are not for free..... car rental, gasoline, foods itself as the basic elements, needs money. It doesn't included shopping. Tell me, would you go anywhere without spending any cents for shopping? It's hard right?? very hard especially for girls. At least the girls will spent RM2.50 for the key chain as a memorial that she's been there!

So that is why im going back to Kemaman!!! :)
But before having my holiday test, presentations, assignments, studies should be done!
I've got presentation on Tuesday, submit my assignments on Wednesday and Criminal test on Thursday.
After the holiday i will face with Family Law's test. December will be an exhausted month as i need to submit the individual/paired assignments, Tort's test, prepare for the final and finally ill done with my third semester. I hope this semester will give me more enthusiasm to study and grant me with good results.
End of semester break ill get my self a part time job! there are some wish-list that should be fulfilled before i enter semester 4! :)

Till then... :)

(p/s: more work, less fbing.....)

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