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Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Look!

Salam and hola!

As you can see, i just dress up my blog!  With the new header that i made my self.... it took like forever for me to make it done because i don't know the right way to make a blog's header...  As heart desired to have a new header, so i made it manually. Means that, i used what ever software and tools that i have on my laptop....and finally........tadaaaa!!!! *clap**clap**clap* ok la kan for a beginner like me :)

I did search for a ready made layout on internet but the ready made one seems like lame to me..( i did going crazy with those layout when i was in form 5...hehe) so i just decided to used what are served by blogspot. The backgrounds are quite good and look nice to me and im going to change it from time to time depends on my mood...heheee.... So this layout? i like it very much. I think i don't really need complicated layout because right now, i love simplicity.... and the less, the better am i right?

Actually, i thought i may wanna have a new blog, because all the pictures in my previous post since i was for 5 are already gone. But thinking again.....i may not need new blog. Just keep with this blog, continue writing and be happy!....

And if u noticed, i did put pictures of my parents, family and loved one in my blog previously. But now i decided to remove it as i think i shouldn't exposed too much detail regarding my personal. Let me just put them in my writing.... lagi pun aku bukan artis kan? hahahaa....

Ok, let's get back to the work! :)

Till then!!

(p/s: Fall in love with Tumblr. I love those pictures )

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