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Monday, April 23, 2012

My thoughts...

Salam readers,

It's been a while since my last post. As i was so busy with the mid-term examinations and playing with so much emotions.
So, did u noticed about Malaysia's current issues?......Yes, regarding the FREE EDUCATION....etc..etc..

There are so many pro's and cont's that i think as a youth we should take a deep thinking before we made any decisions. Yes it's your right to choose whatever the reasons are. You can voice out your opinions, no one will stop you from doing that since the Article 10 in the Federal Constitutions allowed you to do that. But the thing is, certain of them misused the chance that the law gave. Easy words, some of them are lack of ethics. Hey come on laa... if you wanted to ask something from your parents, will you ask it in the rude manners? or... when someone were asking you a favor, will you consider to give your favor to those that asked you in rude way?... will you???? I don't think so.... because me...i won't do that!

So please, as a future young leader ...Allah had given you a smart brain, used it! not make fool of it!.... I don't really care with those who are not muslim. But i am so sad when i saw muslims youth acted in the rude way. I know every person got their own point of views and i also knew that there will be anybody who did not agree with my points here. Yes, im open for any constructive criticism because we are together applied the Section 10 of the Federal Constitutions. I know, my self isn't that good to advice others but hey, this is the serious matter and it was so obvious. There is nothing wrong if you are joining demonstrations as long as you think it is good for you (*yeaa...peoples nowadays are smarter than before..) but please, do it in the right manner. We are the east people, and embrace Islam (this post is more to my brothers and sisters). Me, you, them, us....we might not really a pious person,but our culture never taught us to be rude no matter what kind of conditions it is. PLEASE BEHAVE YOURSELF....

nak demonstrate pon demonstrate je la,perlu ke buat mcm ni?

Mungkin kerajaan harus hapuskan bunga,itu aku setuju...tapi utk beri pendidikan percuma, i know its hard to make it...

click here to read about the resource (thnx :D )

(p/s: Pelik, sbb segelintir yang pegi domonstrasi tu yang konon nye mintak utk free education, langsung xtahu apekah real meaning of free education tu....main terjah je asal dengar free...lepas dpt free nanti mula la buat dono jee..masuk u ke, xmasuk u ke...same je....belajar pon cincai2.....nanti kalau kerajaan suruh kau keje free tak nak pulak kan????....)

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