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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

being upset

I can't understand why certain people hard to accept a good criticism regarding our own religion. I know im not good and still ignorant about Islam. I know that very much. I know im not that good, i know sometimes my act worsen than ever but at least everyday i learnt on how to be a better muslim. Everyday i pray to Allah to give me hidayah.....

Actually there are some incident happened few days ago... A friend of mine posted a wall picture regarding the final exam...and that picture stated something about "crossing the fingers" for this final exam. Im not hurt when that particular person didn't tag my name, definitely NOT. The thing is i felt like that person can't accept my criticism. I dont think that i gave it in the wrong way yet prudentially but the acceptance was bad. After about an hours, i saw that person's status stated something about religion...well actually i felt annoyed with certain of the status. I know im not good when i talked about hukum-hakam agama and so on and so fourth, but that doesn't mean that i know nothing.

Well actually i gave a comment asked that person to delete that picture because "crossed ur finger" means a cross... you did a cross sign...can u get it?....tanda salib!.... and the sentence in that picture means, u pray others for their final exam in the christian way....i don't know to explain.

Actually before i know about this fact, i kept used this sign for that particular time, as for me crossed finger means, i say no... but when i know the truth, i never use that sign anymore!...
and ive got no other intention except to share with those who don't know this... i have no intentions to degrading anyone. You know what, its about our aqidah. kalau tak, aku pon malas nk ambik tahu hal org. Till now i still can see that wall picture, that's mean, it's not being removed and also means that, that person just ignored my comment......owh how sad... :'(

well, maybe i wrongly judge that person's status too...mybe it just a coincident. Mybe its actually not for me...i dont want to say bad thing about that person because that person is always being nice to me... but no action being made regarding that picture, that was the thing make me upset...very's ok...may Allah guide u....i dont blame u...

(p/s: kadang2 rasa penat tapi bukan bermakna aku berputus asa.... cuma rasa dim itu lbh baik...)

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