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Monday, June 15, 2009


Nothing much happens today except feeling sleepy all the time as the history class started..well bkn xmnarik but i woke up as early as 3 am this morning and did all sort of sastera thingy and some of the general knowledge..duhh b4 that slept around 10pm...damn tired man! yesterday blk2 je dr skolah trs kms rmh... (haha..bkn bersepah juz kasi cntk lg je..) cz my taiko blk kelmarin bwk skali ngn 2 org geng2 yang cam sengal cam abg aku jugak..huahuahuaa..
Ok tujuan diorang blk cz smata2 nk dtg melawt was admitted to the hospital yesterday due to the hypertension, im damn cuak that sunday morning..but thnx God as mom just being warded for one day and one nite only.. and now she is fine hoping and always praying for her good health and longevity.ooohh i love u mom and i dont think im ready to live without u.
ok this pic ws taken during raya 2007..there are another 5 family members was missing in action..ermm ignore my chubby face there is no way ill look kurus as i always put on some weigh every month..ahaks!..well now dh agk maintain kot but still dieting..haha..klakar hoping that raye thn ni and another nest raye we will always b able to take a family pic together..

p/s: last but not least..happy father's day to all the fathers outside and to my one greatest dad in the world..i love u bah!..thnx 4 everything u did to me..

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